Fashion is everywhere. From the undergarments we wear to the shoes we put on our feet, fashion is ingrained into the very fabric of our every day living!

Across the world, fashion designers are finding better ways to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion, while others push for female empowerment.

Here are three designers from across the globe that are making strides to improve the fashion industry overall.

Samantha Giraud

Samantha Giraud is the founder and creative director of global performance and sportswear brand, XAMAS and couture collection, She established her designing career in 2003 and expanded her fashion artistry while studying at the world-renowned school “École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” in Paris.

She combines form with function in her newest collection made from the finest materials such as Tencel. She wants women to feel confident and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Tayo Ishola

Founder of Eido Swimwear, Tayo Ishola is a social and fashion entrepreneur born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She was introduced to the industry through pageantry and was scouted by a modeling agency based in South Africa. Later, she relocated to South Africa where she started her career in fashion modeling full time, then became the anchor on a fashion and entertainment TV show named Cut-In which aired on M-net Africa.

Tayo honors strong women through her Wonder Woman Initiative: a series of ongoing projects and live events curated to uplift women within our community, and in the world at large. Through this initiative, the brand spotlights female survivors, women in business breaking new grounds, and women who are less privileged and need help becoming self-sufficient providers for themselves and their families.

Jana Armstrong

Jana Armstrong founder of WAIKIKI Swimwear is helping today’s women feel confident and beautiful in perfectly-fit swimwear. She believes, “It’s not about how you look, but it’s about how you feel!”. Going through life experiencing many ups and downs when it came to diet and a healthy relationship with food, she finally found a place in life called “balance”.

Feeling good in your own skin is what WAIKIKI is all about. Being able to feel confident on the beach and owning your body and curves is what being a women is all about and a goal she would like to set for women in this new era of female empowerment.