Give Time …. TIME

Truth be told, this is not a “new” message ..

Copy edited TOO often to honor yet another HERO.

Cancer ~ This Monster, has dared to strike again.

And again we must recognize that;

We are born into “time”,

live in “time”,

experience “time”,

savor “time”,

are frustrated by “time”,

and can be impatient with “time”.


This hideous disease is no match though for this man’s amazing attitude, generous spirit, positive outlook and enormous WILL to work hard, honor himself and win.

Healing ~ The process and treatment will demand a lot of him for months to come.

In the end, nothing will weaken his WILL to live and continue embracing every sense of joy he has created in his life.

A life that is about living as well as possible, coping, accepting, maintaining gentle positivity, and drawing on the unconditional love and support from those closest to him.

The universe is rooting you on!

Cancer does not necessarily become a fight ~ a war.

It is simply our life ~ a life now raised to a higher power.

Hold your head up high, Bill, and tell this beast “You lose”!

When we allow ourselves to:

Honor ~ Trust and be Patient with “time”; the events that we experience within “time” become manageable, they become tolerable.


I’m sending my warmest wishes to this strong patient, beautiful man along with every Survivor who needs every ounce of love ~ support in telling this beast

“YouLose”! xxoo