First Launched in 2019, this digital wellness collaborative paper aims to have a positive impact on people like us who went through a wake-up call and are trying to make a change in the ultra-connected society we live in by joining forces with thoughtful leaders in the community.

The format is very easy to digest as it brings personal perspectives from top leaders and pioneers in the industry. The report has carefully selected a diverse and enriching group of people from tech engineers, mindfulness teachers, and entrepreneurs, to therapists, artists, writers, and retreat owners, and asked them to share some tips and inspire the community. Along with their recommendations, this report features eye-popping pieces of research and statistics to raise awareness of a problem that has become the third biggest epidemic after sugar and cigarettes in the last fifty years.

Topics include digital wellness, smartphone addiction, parenting with tech, productivity or digital citizenship among others.

Tell us, what’s that “bad” tech behavior you have managed to overcome this year?