It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live. Things that were not embraced in the past or were met with lots of resistance have now been accelerated in progress because of it.

Here are 4 Accelerated Changes to the Future of Work.

Reduced Fears of Working From Home – Working from home during COVID-19 will alleviate some fears employers had of not being able to keep tabs on their employees while working from home. The discussion moving forward will focus on results and outcomes, rather than a physical body in the office. Micromanaging behaviors may also decrease.

Increase in Empathy and Communication – Because of COVID-19, co-workers, peers, and leaders now have more visibility into the personal lives of their team. This visibility creates a new lens of being able to see the same individual outside of a traditional work setting in a more “human-like” fashion. This facilitates a deeper connection and understanding of others leading to more effective communication at work.

Increase in utilization of Intrapreneurs – Leaders will be more open to identifying and leveraging their intrapreneurs due to the need for innovative and creative skillsets. There will be a deliberate and intentional effort in identifying these innovators and learning how to effectively lead them within a team. It will be more openly accepted to have a side hustle post Covid-19 as everyone will understand the importance of having more than one basket to place their eggs.

Increase in Future-Fit Specialist Partners –  As many companies try to find their footing, and will be required to do more with less, the desire to connect with future-fit strategic specialist partners will increase. Partners who are able to demonstrate in addition to their expertise, adaptability and future-fit thinking through business processes, delivery methods, and technological capabilities will be in high demand.

What else do you think will accelerate in The Future of Work?