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In your professional life, you’ll either be employed, self-employed, or both. Here are reasons why being self employed is the best option.

There are about sixteen million Americans that are currently self-employed. If you’re one of those people, then you probably already know why being self-employed is the best option. 

With any job, there comes a lot of ups and downs but being self-employed has tons of great benefits that can outweigh the few negatives. 

Keep reading for our guide on why being self-employed rocks and is the best option when it comes to finding a job for you.

1. Make Your Own Schedule

When you’re self-employed you get a lot of extra freedom compared to having an office job. This freedom means that you can make your own schedule and it can be as flexible as you need. Creating your own schedule is awesome because you can be as strict on yourself as you want. 

Making your own schedule can benefit many people especially if you’re a parent who has to take care of a child or if you just need to run errands or go to appointments throughout the day. You should try to set up specific work hours so you don’t feel like work is taking over your life completely. 

2. Make Your Own Dress Code

Another awesome aspect of being self-employed is that you get to create your own dress code. If you’re staying home all day and working in your office, then you can wear whatever you want even if that’s just pajamas or comfortable clothes. 

When you’re self-employed you can have casual day every single day. Get rid of the business clothes and opt for comfortable t-shirts. If you need to go on a video call, then you have the luxury of just wearing a nice shirt. 

3. Make Your Own Paystubs

Being self-employed means that you will be the one who is responsible for keeping track of what you get paid. You can use this website to make your own paystubs.

When creating your own paystubs you can keep track of what you’re getting paid either per hour, per job, or even per month. The options for creating your own paystubs are endless and you can put exactly what you need to know on each paystub. 

4. Be Your Own Boss

Everyone dreams of becoming their own boss and being self-employed makes you your own boss. This means you’re in charge of creating your own rules but you should also be able to discipline yourself. 

As your own boss, you get to make all of the important decisions as well as the fun decisions. If you want to go work in a coffee shop for the day, then you can do that. But you also need to make sure that you’re getting everything done in a timely fashion. 

Being Self-Employed Rocks

From what you’ve seen here it is pretty clear that being self-employed totally rocks. If you have the chance to take charge of your own job, then do it. You won’t regret it!

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