Working in close quarters with nurses is one of the many aspects of becoming a dialysis technician. As such, developing a great working relationship with nurses is vital not only because it is all part of teamwork, but it will also ensure that you remain happy and satisfied in your role.

At times, maintaining a relationship with nurses may not be the easiest thing to do especially considering that you will be working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. To help you and ensure that each working day is a valuable and enjoyable one, here are some tips for dialysis technicians on working with nurses:

  1. Be respectful with nurses

When communicating with nurses, always remember to be respectful. Sometimes you may have different points of view about how a matter or a patient should be handled. During these moments, you should try and communicate your point across in a calm and concise manner to avoid problems and miscommunications. Keep in mind that a nurse might have more years of experience compared to you so you should try and keep an open mind whenever you are working in close proximity to the nurses. Read more about how to become the best dialysis technicians here.

  • Accept Criticism

Rather than try and hide or deny it when you make a mistake, you should own up to your mistakes. Making mistakes is all part of the job, but it is vital that you learn from your blunders as it will make you a better dialysis technician. Always be receptive of constructive criticism when it is given to you, especially by a nurse, because it will consequently help to elevate your skills and make you a more dependable technician.

  • Avoid conflicts

The truth is that when human beings are placed in a room for long enough, conflict is bound to erupt because it’s human nature. During instances of conflict, it is always a lot better to walk away particularly when you feel yourself getting out of control. Distancing yourself from the situation will give you time to contemplate so that you can avoid making any foolish decisions that may affect you and your career in the future.

  • Always listen to nurses

The best dialysis technicians learn how to listen because it will ensure that you and the nurses that you are working with are always on the same page. The last thing you need in a working relationship is miscommunication. As such, always keep an eye and ear out to ensure that you do not miss anything.