Nothing could be as valuable as a good night’s sleep. You will be well rested and ready to face the day when you have had good quality sleep. And if you’re having a hard time falling asleep lately, have no fear. We have four of the best sleeping aids to help you out

Use A Pillow Speaker

A pillow speaker is simply a small and flat speaker system that connects to any music or audio player. It is so flat that it can be hidden inside a pillow and used to amplify soft music to help you sleep. Most updated pillow speakers have independent volume controls and an on/off amplifier. It connects to your mobile phone’s headphone jack and does not require power to run.

Sleep With A Sleeping Fan

A sleeping fan blows a gentle breeze across a room and gives off white noise to soothe you and make you fall asleep. This type of fan will help circulate cool air during warm nights and enhances your comfort as you sleep.

Use A Dimmer Night Light

Some people cannot sleep when the lights are on, and some cannot sleep when the room is entirely dark. The solution: a dimmer night light. There are a number of plug-in night lights that may be dimmed according to your preference. There are even night lights that come with a light sensor which can automatically dim the lights for you to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Try Food And Beverages For Sleep

A number of nutritious foods and beverages can help you fall asleep.  Try eating foods like almonds, turkey and walnuts and drinking beverages such as cherry juice, chamomile tea and passionflower tea an hour before you sleep. With any of these foods, you’ll be in sleepy land in no time.  


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