While being an experienced cat owner I can’t say that I’m somewhat good at cat training. Recently I had a chat with my friend Kimberly who runs CatPet. She shared four essential tips for cat training when you bring a cat to your house. Know what?

The key to effective cat training being consistent.

To avoid sending your cat mixed signals no what kind of training you undertake, make sure you do it regularly. Below are four must have cat training tips that will get you through your initial phase cat ownership.

1. Keep your cat busy when away

If you know you are going to be away for a while you must be able to keep your cat busy. This is because cats can get bored very easily and turn to destructive behavior. To avoid this one solution is to have a timer for your tv set and have it turn on at different times of the day. Your cat will come to investigate and stay and watch the images on the screen, at least for a while. Also there are specialized youtube channels with cat games – also highly recommended.

2. Control your personal territory

If your cat is constantly in your face and you want some space, blow a harmless puff of air into your cats face. You will be amazed at the results. Your cat will be startled and puzzled. Soon they will associate the two actions and you will regain your space.

3. Provide the view for your cat

Cats are curious creatures. Make sure your cat have a room with a view. If a cat has access to a ledge on a window sill, they can sit comfortably and watch the proceeding outside. They will see birds and any other animals in your yard and be content just to sit there. This is one way to stop some bad behavior as they will not be bored.

Constantly improve the communication with your cat

The more quality time you spend with your cat, the better your relationship will develop. Cats have a form of communication skill that involves more than just talking. The more time you spend together you and your cat will begin to develop your own form of communication through body language. You will be able to read each others minds to an extent. You will know when they are considering an improper move and by the look on your face, your cat will know you dissaprove of what they are about to do and hopefully listen.

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when you’re training your cat. As you and your pet begin to know each better, you’ll discover a language of your own. It may be through speech, you talk and she meows. But more than likely, the two of you will eventually be able to read each other’s body language. You’ll soon learn the subtle nuances of this very effective form of communication, teaching your cat what she needs to know will be easier than you can ever imagine.

Teaching your cat discipline

Cats are cute and furry, and don’t usually require people to give them a bath like you would a dog. Cats are very good at bathing themselves, so usually they keep themselves very clean. However, there is more to cat ownership than feeding them and brushing them. There are also things an owner must be able to foresee.

Like a dog who hasn’t had the proper training to behave indoors, cats can create many problems for the owner. Training a cat is not overly difficult. Cats will often use their claws and scratch and destroy the furniture. Kitten training normally includes teaching the animal not to scratch furniture, utilizing a scratching post. The house will smell badly if the cat is not properly potty trained.

Clawing is a problem in many kittens, and has several solutions. Some people feel that declawing is a viable solution. Many people feel that declawing is cruel, and prevents the cat from climbing or protecting itself from other animals. Teaching a kitten when it is young to use a scratching post is a much kinder solution to the problem, Because the kitten won’t know what to do with the scratching post right away, you’ll need to teach it. Try taking its paws in your hands and guiding them through the scratching motion. The cat will need lots of repetitions before it learns, so this type of cat training should be done as often as possible.

The litter box is another item that can be used to help in cat training. If the cat has not been trained, this can help to solve the problem of waste, when there the cat feels an urge. Picking a litter box is quite simple. It can be bought at a pet store nearby, and the size of the cat should be cat should be considered while choosing.
It will take a while before the cat gets used to the litter box, so you should keep an eye on your pet. If it looks like the cat is about to go to the bathroom, pick it up and transport it to the litter box. Another thing to pay attention to is exercise, since cats need to keep physically fit. To distract the cat from playing with your trinkets and furniture, buy it a squeaky toy or ball.

Lots of different products for cat training are available, and they can be found at pet stores or online shops. In buying them, the owner needs to decide which aspects of the cat’s behavior to try and change, making the cat into a happy indoor pet. Lots of owners, for example, don’t know how to clean cat urine. This smell tends to linger, so a strong cleaner is an absolute necessity.


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