4 Easy Tips for Improved Work-Life Balance

No matter how efficient a leader may be, balancing work-life is not a cakewalk. 

In one line, it is a pressing issue among leaders and CEO of the organization. Maintaining balance on both ends of seesaw, (work and personal life) is a way one can live their dreams, stay in touch with the close ones while keeping a foothold on a career.  

Thousands of leaders, executives and CEOs say that “life is uncertain and is going to bring on some essential events such as marriage, becoming parents, school admissions, or looking after aged parents.” And most of them have sustained these situations while staying connected with families.  

However, leaders as millennials are trying to thrive in the same direction. They are struggling to meaningfully engage with work, family, as well as the community.   

Analyzing the life of many CEOs, and noticing the void, I have built a few strategies to maintain the work-life balance.

Determining Success for Yourself 

For some, success is being at home atleast once in a month, and for some, success can be spending some time daily with the family members. And, not only these two instances make an example, but everyone has a different outlook on success.  

Leaders as a first step towards success, should analyze their surroundings, anticipate future conditions, and should focus on a few things they are going to follow.  

In case of women, success for some working women can be getting help at home and attending their career before anything. But for others, it can be serving children and family for initial years and later, going towards building a career.  

These things are a general viewpoint. Your idea for success can be completely different from those mentioned here.  

Building Partnerships 

You have acumen, skills, and work experience to understand the essentials of business. You have been justifying it through the years, but now, it calls for a change of perspective. With changing scenarios such as adding new team members or aging parents that require more attention, it requires you to take a shift.  

You can’t wear all the hats at the same time. In that case, you can partner with another company for non-core tasks. A company that has sufficient staff and knows the industry well, can be your long-term partner.  

Getting Selectively Social  

When your focus remains merely towards business, it is very likely that your social life is going to suffer. In the work-life cycle, you often miss reliving the good old days with your loved ones but meeting everyone cannot be possible every time.  

In that case, you can enjoy getting “selectively social.”  

Nurture the terms that you have built with people over the years. If not every month, plan a trip every year with them. Come back and focus on new acquisitions, converting leads, and handle all your business chores. This way you can travel miles in personal life as well as in business.  

Believing in Others 

It is not essential to reaching for your laptop and phone whenever you get time for yourself. If you’re doing it then, please…STOP! 

You have a team of people around you that you hired based on their capabilities and trust. Therefore, outsource the tasks or take the help of help services commonly known as virtual assistant services for the tasks that aren’t fixing in your schedule and calendar. You can also turn to your friends and people in your network for guidance and support.  

Remember that the place you have come, you may not stay there forever. And even if you take a break, nothing is going to get damaged. To make your business world keep spinning, designate someone for taking charge and show belief in them.  

Collaborating with Technology 

If put to use in the right way, technology can make all the aspects such as collaborating, scheduling and project management, much easier.  

Especially, when your business is spread out at different locations, and your people work for different time zones, it is the need of an hour to stay in touch with the technology. Technological advancements can be seen in the face of skype share, GoToMeeting and join.me as they demonstrate suitable screen share technology.  

These tools improve communication, and that thing leads to better decision making across the company. You might be complaining that your phone doesn’t let you move out of the office even after office, but did you forget that it enables you to keep informed about a lot of business-related activities.  

Why don’t you give it a try 

Even if these changes seem difficult to inherit, give them a try. They will prove to be suitable for your long-term happiness and success. The results will be positive, and you will see an escalation in your family life, business, and employee-employer relationship.

Originally published on Linkedin