Laughter is the best medicine.  However, not everyone lives to enjoy the power behind this well-known maxim. Many reasons make people live a part or whole of their lives lonely. Bad memories, personal failures, frustrations, and sorrowful situations are just a few of them. In this world, we really cannot have it all. 

How empowering is it to know of effective and simple ways to elevate the happiness within?  Well, no need to get a priest, or a swami, happiness is a deeply personal choice and the good part is; anyone can create it.

However, happiness is all around, no need to fetch it from afar. 

I have learned to create my happiness basing on my life’s journey and experiences that give life lessons.  These experiences shed some light and invoke the thoughts of self-reflection for anyone to view happiness from a different perspective. Hopefully, this article can make anyone become a happier and cheerful person. 

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 Here are some effective self-care methods for staying happy every day:

1. Maintaining a harmonious and well-balanced lifestyle

Many factors influence the way people think and view happiness. The environment, educational level, upbringing, and background are among the many factors that determine people’s perspective towards life. So at the ultimate level, one must do some soul-searching and determine what creates happiness. The essence is; happiness means different things to every individual.

So, every choice is within one’s control. Come to think about it, attaining something is synonymous with losing something else. Ideally, the same time is constant and could be used to achieve another thing – it could therefore be an opportunity cost or loss. So what? It depends on how someone spends time.  I read somewhere that, in life, humans are all in one:  the scriptwriter, director, producer, and the audience too.  So how someone chooses to act out is entirely a personal choice.   The best way is to maintain a harmonious life and balance all aspects at hand without neglecting the others. It sounds like the Chinese rhyming words: the Yin and the Yang.

2. Stepping out and taking action

The temptation of procrastination is real.  It delays everything. I remember reading a journal that advises on “how to work all into today. When I came to think of it, I discovered that procrastination is evil.   Everyone should learn to grow out of fear and limits that halt the full completion of specific goals. 

 3. Stop complaining about life 

 A harmonious living means accepting the diversity and differences of everything around including the races and culture. It is noble for people to appreciate what they already have even as they strive for more. It doesn’t stop there. People should equally accept the shortcomings and deficiencies that come with every progress. In this way, it feels happier. Instead of comparing with others, one should compare with yesterday. Then strive to improve daily.  Is this not more than what everyone needs? 

4. Takeaway 

Happiness is a journey.  It is as elusive as wealth. This topic is wide-ranging, with no right or wrong ways of observing it. Eventually, it comes back to the individual.  What one wants in life to bring happiness is what counts. However small it may be, it will sustain happiness despite the hard times.