Mornings clearly aren’t everyone’s favourite, with a recorded 6 out of 10 of us waking up feeling grumpy. Luckily, there are lots of ways we can turn our mood around and energise our start to the day, without the need to reach for another caffeine hit!

When we think of energising our morning, we tend to think of shifting our body into gear by going for a run or eating a nutritious breakfast – but in what other ways can we boost ourselves to be ready for the day ahead? With our focus on energy so often skimming over the issue of mental and emotional tiredness, we can often limit ourselves from reaching our full potential. If we want to really boost the start of our day, we can focus on our four energies: Mental, Emotional, Spirit and Physical. We talk about the four energies in terms of individual PowerBars to help people visualise and connect with their energy levels.

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up is a great and easy way to boost your Physical Energy without too much effort. Standing in your garden or even looking out your window while you drink it down can also really benefit this energy. Mindfulness is a great activity for boosting your Mental Energy and helping you think clearly; your morning shower is a great place to practice this first thing. Be fully present in the moment – focus on the sight of the water, the sound of it running down, how the soap smells, how the sensation feels on your skin. By the time you get out of the shower, your mental energy will feel boosted.

Your Emotional Energy can be uplifted even when you are simply eating breakfast – practising expressing gratitude is what will boost your mood. Focus on what you appreciate in this moment, like having breakfast to eat and a roof over your head. You can then extend this focus to the day ahead of you and explore what else it is that you appreciate – maybe it’s the transport that will get you to work on time, or the co-worker you’ll enjoy catching up with on your break. Whatever it is, draw your attention to the things that excite and compell and inspire you, and really feel that awareness of appreciation.

The Spirit Energy is about being true to yourself and feeling enthusiasm for the day. This could manifest itself in taking a moment to choose an outfit that really reflects who you are and how you’re feeling, or smiling at the people you pass on your way to work – little things like this will boost this energy.

Try these out and have a PowerBar up morning! Ensuring your PowerBars are up will create a sense of vitality within your whole being, giving you plenty of energy for the day ahead.

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