You already have a lot of social media platforms where you share pictures, communicate with people and look at funny videos. Despite their popularity, the current social media platforms seem to have gone out of fashion.

However, 2019 has some new social media platforms in store, so if you’re up for something fresh, you should be on the lookout for them. Here are four emerging social media platforms to consider in 2019:

  • Facecast

One of the main goals of being on social media is having fan, so it only makes sense if you’re looking for entertaining apps, doesn’t it? With Facecast, entertainment is packed together with the amazing features.

Basically, this social app has a combination of live streams, random live video chats and short videos. In other words, you can connect with other people from across the world through videos. It’s a great opportunity to meet individuals who share the same interests, or just make new friends to talk to and have a laugh.

Besides, you can create exclusive friend circles, as well as gather fans for your live broadcasts and reward gifts. All in all, it’s a fun social platform where you aren’t going to get bored.

  • Vero

If you’re already familiar with Instagram, then Vero has a great potential to become a favorite app. One of the most amazing things about this app is its focus on original content, as well as organic connections. Therefore, if you’re a content creator who wants to promote any type of work, Vero might be able to help you. In spite of being launched in 2015, it has only gained traction in 2018, and can potentially grow in popularity.

In addition, the app is algorithm-free, as well as ad-free, so even if you’re used to Instagram hashtags for now, you might consider switching to Vero in the future.

  • Steemit

Have you ever used Reddit? If you did, you’ll be happy to know 2019 is bringing an alternative to it in front of you, which is Steemit.

Now, the unique thing about Steemit is that unlike Reddit, where all you receive are upvotes, you have the chance to gain money for your content. Basically, the app is run on the Steem blockchain with STEEM cryptocurrency, meaning you can be rewarded with tokens.

The idea of gaining money is great, and if it grows in popularity, the app has great potential to become a favorite of content creators.

  • Kik

Having a little similarity with Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, this app focuses on instant messages. What’s great is that the platform offers more privacy compared to its counterparts, as it doesn’t ask you for a phone number upon registration. You can be anonymous by just using an email and username.

Whether you’re used to apps where you put a link in bio for other popular social media or not, you must definitely try one of the apps in this list. They have amazing features and, who knows, maybe they will surpass current popular social networks too.