With the dawn of numerous digital communication tools, now you can carry your work wherever you go. But, it is easier to be said than done. Let’s face the truth, staying productive while travelling can be quite a challenge, considering the factors such as poor internet connectivity, changes in sleep pattern, food choices, and even inadequate physical exercises. Here are a few tips for staying productive when you are on a business travel.

Sync your calendars across devices

Keep a tab on your travel by jotting down even the smallest of details on your Smartphone or tablet. Include important phone numbers, schedules, addresses of the meeting venues, flight number, and gates. Maintain your notes in the same format as it is easier for you to recognize them when needed. Google calendars come in handy, as it syncs flawlessly with your iOS/android devices. Although it can be time-consuming it helps you in saving a lot of time, keeping the stress at bay. Cal app is also an excellent way to manage your tasks, linking your events, and also comes with call an Uber car feature.

Managing your time

Time management is the most crucial thing when you are working while traveling. Say suppose, you have a six-hour flight then you can ideally use that time to write a blog post or even draft a long-term roadmap for your company. And, if you have a co-worker along with you, you can end up doing some creative work including brainstorming.

Keeping ideas in one place

Abundant ideas, pictures, sound clips, and contacts are some of the best things that come out of business travels. But you can’t simply point a place where you draw your inspiration from. It can be from an event, conference, meeting, or even while travelling. Ensure that you keep those brilliant ideas in a single place with the Evernote app. You can even sync them with your e-mail or desktop. This smart move reduces the chance of any information from getting lost.


Keeping yourself updated with the current trends is extremely important. Most often, you would not have a chance on reading them up frequently due to your everyday mundane works. Use your travel time as an opportunity to catch up on all the reading you wanted to do off-late. Feedly and Flipboard are great applications to keep you updated with the latest articles.

Originally published at medium.com