Whenever you walk into a store, you’re dazzled by the abundance of choice at your disposal. If we need to spend time choosing between a dozen ketchup brands, then we can safely say we’ve gone too far with our desire for versatility. In a similar manner, we treat our entire existence as that store – we spend hours of our lives making irrelevant decisions that will have zero influence or purpose on the quality of our life other than the temporary satisfaction of making a choice. Once you let go of all the irrelevance, you begin to appreciate the full meaning of everything, no matter how little that may be, that truly matters in life, starting with your wellbeing. 

In a time so overcrowded by choices, we need to find the strength to simplify our existence if we were to truly revel in what matters most. By doing that, you will also boost your quality of life and your essence, so the effort invested will be returned manifold. Here are a few strategies to help you ditch all kinds of clutter from your life and invest time as well as funds in those few things that fuel your soul and cherish your spirit. 

Learn to listen to yourself

Photo by Viktoria Alipatova from Pexels

In this sea of chaos we’re surrounded by, it’s tough to recognize your own voice. Even when you’re just out there choosing a bottle of ketchup. The noise can be overwhelming, so you either forego your freedom to choose based on what you really want, or you forego ever considering your wants at all. Taking a moment to silence the noise around you and to listen to your mind will go a long way in helping you simplify your decisions and make smarter choices in life.

How? Meditate. Spending a few mindful minutes every day immersed in your thoughts and feelings and regaining control over your reactions is pivotal in simplifying your existence. It’s equally essential in improving the quality of your life, since a clear mind and a clear voice will let you choose simple over complex every time. 

Nourish your temple

We all crave more energy, more health, and more vigor in our daily lives, but few of us are prepared to tackle what’s necessary for us to create that energy and zeal. For starters, simplify your menu and you’ll boost your health all in one go. Opting for whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods is always a simpler, smarter option, albeit not always a convenient one, but the time you invest in preparing and enjoying your meals will be time well spent. 

Your meals don’t need to sound like another exotic coffee from Starbucks. They should, in fact, be simple and nutritious, tailor-made to your needs and activity levels. Instead of reaching for fast food whose ingredient list is unknown, simplifying your diet means making sure that you know exactly what you’re consuming. 

Invest in your health

We’re constantly plagued by internal conundrums: Should I buy that new jacket? Do I renovate the bedroom? How about that ski trip? While all of those investments may be legitimate and necessary, you also need to take a breath, step back from all those materially-focused questions and think about ways you can actually take care of yourself in the long term. One of the simplest ways to do just that is to get health insurance that will cover all of your bases and leave you with your mind at ease. 

Before you start racking your brain over how to select the perfect policy, you can check out health insurance comparison online to make the right choice by checking different criteria and various coverage options to fit your lifestyle. Not only will you simplify your life but you’ll also invest in your present and your future, and tend to your every health need. Steer your mind away from material possessions and think of ways you can invest in your wellbeing and your longevity. 

Reduce your time with all things digital

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Yes, the internet keeps us informed and connected, but it’s also another paradox of life: it makes us less aware of our present moment, it disconnects us from the people in the room, and it serves as a way to escape our innermost feelings and experiences. Not to mention the long-term impact on your confidence, since being exposed to a filtered, target-tailored reality means you only get to see what you’re meant to see. 

While it’s fine to spend some time scrolling on Instagram and chatting on various apps, do cut down on your digital time. Invest that time in something more productive and self-affirming such as meditation, reading, walking, talking to your loved ones face to face, or playing with your pet. All of those actions carry more substance, let you evolve as a human being, and they allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life without being bombarded by confidence-wrecking imagery.

Self-improvement can indeed be simple, much like your entire life. All it takes is a mindful approach, structuring your mindset to focus on health and wellbeing, and choosing wisely whenever given the opportunity. Use these tips to simplify your life and you’ll enjoy its many hidden, yet simple pleasures for many years into the future.