We’re all coffee drinkers. It’s a utility in our day and age.

We need to it for work. It keeps alert, and it snaps us out of the previous night’s sleep.

And for that reason, you should learn more about it.

You need to understand its effects. Plus, you need to learn how to benefit from coffee!

How So?

Just keep reading.

Below are 4 facts on coffee. We’ll mention those, plus how to apply them!

(Fact #1) – It Raises Blood Pressure & Sugar Levels.

If you’ve got “high blood pressure”, coffee is a no-try.

You see, caffeine is known to raise blood pressure. Plus, it stays in your blood formany hours later…

As a result, your doctor may advise you to stay away from it. And if so, that’s understandable.


What if you have the opposite problem? What if you suffer from low blood pressure?

You’ll need to find quick ways to boost that pressure. And the best way to do so is through habitual coffee doses!

Here’s a Tip.

Always drink it with sugar.

Both coffee and sugar raise blood pressure. So you get a double-effect that ensures you never have dizziness problems!

(Fact #2) – It’s an Appetite Suppressor.

Surprise. It’s one of the “forgotten benefits” of coffee. But it’s real…

If you drink coffee habitually (every 2-3 hours), you’ll find yourself full. And this’ll help you diet down fast!


If you want to use coffee for dieting, then you need to “customize your drinks differently”.

That is, you can’t follow the previous tip of adding sugar. Instead, you should do the following…

Tip: Use Ground Beans.

The “coffee sachets” you find in supermarkets won’t work.

You need to make your own “strong coffee.” You need to pick your beans and grind them into a refined drink…

Obviously, you’ll need to research some coffee makers for that. So make sure you pick the best!

Another Tip: Add Fat.

Fat has a satiating effect. And combined with coffee, it’ll suppress your appetite for hours!

You can accomplish that by adding in cream. Or, you can add in butter and try out a “bullet coffee”!

(Fact #3): Coffee Increases Dopamine Levels.

Dopamine is a “feel good” chemical. It’s released to signal pleasure, while improving your mood…

Now, this means you can use coffee as a “mood regulator.” And this works well for depression and mental health problems!

Tip: Use it With a Recreational Activity.

Have a strong coffee when doing something relaxing.

It could be a slow but engaging game. Or, you can have a sip while reading a nice fiction novel

The point is, you need to disconnect your brain from “too much ruminating.”

From there, add in coffee, and watch your mood improve!

Another Tip: Use it Before Workouts.

It’s a common fact that exercising helps with depression.

So why not add coffee to the mix? You can drink a small cup before working out!

It’ll give you more alertness. Plus, the chemicals released from the workout will put you in a good mood!

(Fact #4): It Helps With Bowel Movements.

That’s another common fact – yet many people ignore it.

Coffee can alleviate constipation. If you feel that you can’t “poop”, then try a few drinks!


For starters, coffee is a slight diuretic. So it helps channel more water to soften your stools…

Plus, coffee is always consumed hot. And hot liquids are known to encourage frequent bowel movements!

So coffee empties out your bowels. And it helps compensate for fiber-deficient diets!