Anyone can learn to develop confidence, albeit with some effort. One of the most pervasive beliefs about confidence is that it’s something you gain only when you have certain things: a good appearance, great clothes, money, and status.

However, the meaning of confidence doesn’t rest on what you own or on your physical appearance either. It’s part of your internal belief system and that is something you can shape with right thinking and right actions. 

There are certain common habits and behaviors that confident people have. Let’s look at what these habits are. By adopting these habits, you’ll be able to build your self-confidence and grab more opportunities in life. 

Confident people don’t rely on material symbols

In the introduction, I addressed how, today, people rely on superficial aspects like appearance and the ownership of products as ways to feel good about themselves. There are a few problems with this idea:

  • We don’t have full control over our appearance or the things we have in life always
  • The way we look changes over time and our financial situation also alters due to unforeseen circumstances

Truly confident people know this and avoid placing their self-worth on transient things. Instead, they focus on internal qualities that are much harder to shake and provide support over time. 

Building skills matters

Since items you own or even your appearance can’t help you gain steady and abiding confidence, you need to turn to your internal qualities. 

The most confident and happiest people I know are those who keep busy honing their skills. These skills often relate to their careers. (A side note: confident people tend to do what they love.) But skills can also include hobby-like activities such as writing, painting, photography, and other tasks. 

The key is to remember that confident people take action and focus on growth over time. Learning something new by doing online courses or creating art will keep you engaged and grow your mind. You’ll naturally avoid the feeling that you’re ‘stuck’ in life and will also push the boundaries regarding what you can do. As a result of extending yourself, you’ll feel confident because you’ll see that you have potential in different areas of life. 

A healthy lifestyle feeds confidence

Confident people know that feeling good is possible when their physical and mental states are functioning optimally. This is why it’s common to see confident people prioritize exercise and other healthy habits. What you do need to note is that such people make good personal habits a lasting part of their lives. They avoid picking up and dropping impractical eating habits or exercise regimes. Instead, happy people make small changes that they stick to for decades. Here are some habits that  you can adopt to create a healthier lifestyle and a more confident you:

  • Going for daily walks. Walking is associated with boosting creativity and is a low-impact exercise that anyone can do to feel fit
  • Sleeping well. It is important for your brain and body to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Try going to bed on time and waking up early for a few weeks. I think that you’ll feel so much better that you’ll stick to a sleeping schedule for the rest of your life
  • Stay hydrated. This is common advice that very few people take seriously. Your brain is the main organ that powers self-confidence. It’s essential to keep it happy and hydrated by drinking plenty of water a day
  • Eat healthy food and be wary of the impact of sugar and refined foods on your mind and body

Confidence comes easy when you feel healthy and energized in your body and mind. A few simple but lasting changes are all you need to develop healthy self-esteem. 

Final thoughts: practice self-acceptance

And the final and probably most important habit of confident people is practicing self-acceptance. We live in a world where people unconsciously and consciously pass judgment on each other based on how we present ourselves on social media. As a result, we’re hypersensitive to failure and making mistakes, fearing that this reflects our final and complete character. 

However, confident people know that failure and success are transient experiences. They make peace with either outcome and also accept themselves even when they make mistakes. 

This is a critical pattern of thinking that bolsters your self-esteem. So, make it a habit to accept yourself at all times. Develop the small and simple habit of catching thoughts that are overly judgemental and in a few weeks, you’ll be able to replace them with more accepting thought patterns. 

There you go. We’ve covered the top habits of confident people. As you can see, it’s possible to emulate their behavior and see positive effects in our own life. Follow the tips given here and you’ll develop abiding self-confidence that supports you and helps you grow through life’s challenges.