Are you looking for healthy ways to unplug from technology?

When you spend excess time on social media and various devices, it stops you from being present in the moment. Instead of being aware of what’s happening around you, you’re focused on the content on your screen. This takes away from appreciating life for what it is and, instead, concentrating on other things that aren’t as important.

While technology is imperative, it can also be a source of distraction and anxiety. Sometimes, all it takes is learning how to manage your time so you can enjoy surfing the net as well as the time you unplug.

Let’s go over a few healthy ways you can step back from technology.

Schedule Downtime

You can easily unplug from technology if you purposely make time for other activities. Think about a time during the day when you’re free to put your phone, laptop, and tablet away so you can do something without technology.

If you find it difficult to stay away from technology, then carving out time in your schedule to stay away and do other things is a great place to start. You can listen to a new YouTube playlist, cook a new recipe, go to the thrift store, or do anything that makes you happy. It’s easier to stay away from screens when you’re preoccupied with tasks or things you enjoy.

Eliminate Screens Before Bed

Are you guilty of scrolling through your phone in bed right before you need to go to sleep? Doing so has proven to reduce the quality of sleep you experience. This is because you’re staring at a bright screen before needing the dark to fall into a deep slumber.

It’s not only healthy but completely necessary to stay away from screens of all types before going to sleep. It takes longer to fall asleep if you don’t have a dark and relaxed environment to drift away in. Some of the best advice for those who struggle with sleep issues is to stay away from technology, especially cell phones and televisions.

Read a Book

When was the last time you read for pleasure? Reading books for fun is crucial to strengthening your memory, building vocabulary, reducing stress, aiding sleep, and so much more. If you’re wondering what to do with the extra time you have from unplugging, reading is the perfect answer.

The best part about leisure reading is that you get to choose the material you want to consume, including but not limited to:

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Autobiographies
  • Mystery
  • Drama
  • Poetry

When you read the content you enjoy, it’s easier to stick to it. Perhaps in school you were forced to read books you didn’t care about. But now, you have the choice to consume whatever you’d like, which makes it easier to stay away from technology and enjoy the present.

Silence Notifications

An easy way to get sucked back into your phone or laptop is if it constantly rings with new notifications. Realizing you have a new text message or social media notification to check only encourages you to pick up your phone and engage with it. It keeps you from checking boxes off your to-do list and meeting your deadlines.

You can make it easy on yourself by silencing your notifications. All smartphones have a Do Not Disturb mode where you can silence your notifications as they come in so you don’t feel tempted to check them right away. 

Over to You

Are you looking for different ways to stay away from screens and focus on the present? When you unplug from technology and social media, it’s easier to be productive and feel healthier. Excess time looking on screens distracts you from the now, and you might miss out on opportunities if you don’t look up. It’s important to prioritize your time so you feel fulfilled and happy. How will you unplug from technology today?