Hearing about those in need can affect us all differently. Some philanthropists and individuals may choose to give back monetarily, while others decide to reach out and help by donating their time with volunteer work. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute your time to a cause or individual that may need extra help. Keep in mind; volunteer work doesn’t only benefit who you’re helping; it benefits you as well. As a volunteer, you’ll find many different joys and positive experiences in what you’re doing. If you’re considering volunteer work, these are a few benefits:

Build New Relationships 

As a volunteer, you will build relationships with new people regularly. You’ll build relationships with peer volunteers, representatives within the organization with your working with, as well as the people (or animals) that you’re working to help. You know that as a volunteer, you’re meeting and working with like-minded people that share similar values and interests with you. The things you hold in common will be a great foundation to build long-lasting friendships.  

Learn and Perfect a Skill 

Volunteer work can often require you to learn or develop different skills. Depending on what you’re doing, you may need to go through a period of training. Consider those that volunteer for a crisis help-line. Their volunteers need to be skilled in talking and communicating with those in emotional or mental distress. This is a skill that’s not only extremely important in this field of volunteer work, but one that can take some time and training to learn correctly.

Increase Awareness to a Cause 

One of the most significant benefits of volunteer work is the ability to raise awareness for a cause or organization that you support and believe in. Many organizations rely on their volunteers to bring attention to a cause. You can take the extra step by utilizing tools like social media to tell people about the cause you’re supporting, and even recruit new volunteers. 

Improves Mental and Physical Health  

It’s no secret that physical activity contributes to leading a healthier life as it improves both your mental and physical health. As a volunteer, depending on your job, physical activity may be something that you become quite familiar with. From a mental health perspective, studies have shown participating in helping others contributes to lifting your own spirits and boosting your happiness. 



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