Feel like you never have time?

Most people are like that. Their lifestyles are busy. They work, study, try to balance a life, and while barely getting rest.

And the end result? They feel like they lack time.

They can’t seem to finish work when necessary. Everything keeps stacking. And the stress keeps compounding

Obviously, a situation like that is sustainable. It almost certainly ends in a burnout.

So What Do I Do?

Set your panics aside, and keep reading.

Below, we’ll provide 4 lifestyle hacks that keep you productive. Follow them, finish your work on time, and enjoy more free time!

#1 – Keep 2 Commitments at a Time.

A commitment is any activity that takes up 3+ hours of your day.

However, 3 is a soft estimate. It’s likely that you’ll need much more time per commitment.

And to give you a basic list, commitments include…

  • School.
  • Work.
  • Hobbies.
  • Socialization

As a rule, only stick to two at a time. Anymore, and you risk overloading yourself.

For example, if you’ve got school and work, you’ll struggle to excel at a hobby. You simply won’t have enough time…

Or, maybe you have a vibrant social life and work. And so you might struggle to fit in extra classes during that time.

But That Seems Impractical…

To an extent. After all, you do need interests out of school and work for your mental health.

However, you can still fit them in your time, and continue to be productive! You do so by…

#2 – Use Hobbies & Socialization to De-stress.

If your hobbies stress you out, why commit to them?

Same applies to your social life. Why be around people who fill you up with complaints and negativity?

When picking a hobby, make sure it’s a “way to recharge.” Stick only what you love, and make sure it clears your mind and body for work!


Let’s say gaming was a hobby of yours. However, it wasn’t something you enjoyed…

Maybe you game to forget your insecurities, like a body-shape you don’t like.

If that’s the case, quit gaming, and hit the gym. Make getting a fit (and getting ripped) a new hobby of yours!

Once you get used to it – you’ll love it. You’ll find time for it, as it’s your way to recharge!

Another Example.

Maybe you’re a social addict. That is, you like hanging out and gossiping to excess…

But that gossiping might make you feel negative. It might turn you into a toxic (and dysfunctional) person.

That’ll affect your productivity.

So it’s time change your inner circle. Find people who are positive, supportive, and productive.

They’ll encourage you to get better. And being around them will be how you relax!

How Does that Double My Time?

Good question.

It does so by removing distractions.

In the first example, a “crutch hobby” distracted you. In the 2nd, it was a “dysfunctional social circle.”

You see, distractions are the enemy. They take away so much of your productivity. And they force you to do more in less time.

And there are many methods to cut distractions. Some are lifestyle-based (like the previous). And others are medical!

#3 – Try Nootropics.

A nootropic is any substance that enhances cognitive functioning.

This can be memory, motivation, attention – and even creativity!

And if you’re wondering, we use nootropics daily. A prime example is the beloved morning coffee (and the few right after)…

Coffee is a cognitive enhancer. It makes you alert, and it snaps you out of last night’s sleep.

Then you have much stronger “pharmaceutical” nootropics – like Modafinil.

They work wonders for “productivity freaks,” however they are to be used with caution.

Important Note.

Nootropics are amazing. But they shouldn’t be a crutch…

You should use them to enhance an “OK” attention span. But you shouldn’t use them to excess.

We mention this because that’s how some use them. They overdrink coffee, or overuse a pharmaceutical nootropic.

And the result is a few years off their lifespans.

Don’t Overuse Nootropics.

In fact, if you’re overusing them, it’s because you’re running from a distraction – one that is internal…

To give you an idea…

#4 – Pay Attention to Your Mental Health.

Are your thoughts, emotions, and insecurities distracting you?

Maybe it’s PTSD. Or, it could be a dissociative disorder from a trauma you experienced…

Whatever it is, know that mental health is a silent killer of time.

Constant disconnects into your inner world WILL ruin productivity.

So What Do I Do?

It’s time to get checked.

Head to a psychiatrist. Or (if you’re less formal), find someone you can trust. And discuss your problems with them.

Make sure they can offer solidarity, plus the necessary wisdom.

The point is, commit to a stable inner world. That way, you won’t be distracted by past experiences as you get on with work!