Corporate america isn’t as wonderful as we all once believed. Yes, it’s great to have a secure job that pays the bills, but is sitting in a cubicle your purpose? Is there another way to make money while finding joy in what you do and serving others?

Don’t quit your job just yet, but dive into a side hustle to see if you can supplement or outperform your salary!

Which side hustle is right for you?

Do you like to teach?

If you have a skill you’d like to teach, you can easily create an online course! Online learning is become more and more popular and it’s a billion dollar industry.

Can you transform lives with your knowledge? Create a course and reach more people!

Do you love to write?

Freelance writing might be your gig! Freelancers can easily make $10,000 per month once they land a few good clients. Many of my mom friends freelance on the side and cover the mortgage with their hustle.

Love all things tech?

Why not create a review channel on YouTube or blog about all the tech you love? My husband launched his digital marketing review site and replaced his full time income within a month!

He reviews online tools and helps clients with their sites. Using YouTube as your online resume speaks volumes to future potential clients!

Interested in all the above?

If you love to teach, write and you’re not afraid of tech; blogging could be a perfect solution for you!

You can start a blog and grow it part time while still working your corporate job. Creating a website and publishing great content is not as hard as it used to be.

Most websites are drag and drop. And you have multiple social media platforms to promote your content on, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Should you hustle?

Starting a side hustle is always a good idea. Placing all of your eggs and security in one job can be risky. The more diversified your income, the more secure your finances.