Do you know the world has never run short of diverse individuals and cultures in pursuit of success?  It doesn’t matter which goals one has set or area of residence.  There are many facts about success that are easily forgotten.  The benchmark of success varies from one individual to the other.  For some, success is all about fame, wealth, a relationship, or travel.  Only one thing remains constant; the desired chase after it has always been timeless.

Now, there are some hidden facts that everyone needs to know about the mystery of success.

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1. Success is relative

First of all, success has nothing to do with the historical background of an individual. Irrespective of unfavorable circumstances, even the poor and disadvantaged groups can still make their way to be successful.  I have particularly admired Oprah Winfrey.  Everyone knows she was born to a single mother, and worse off, Oprah was sexually molested while still a child.  However, all these unfavorable conditions and circumstances did not deter her from reaching the heights of her career as a TV host actress-producer, and renowned executive author.

Success has no connection with the starting point.  Sure, some people start expediently in one area, but it has nothing to do with where they finally end up. Therefore Success transcends circumstances.

2. It’s never easy to know while on the fast track to success

The motivation for success may seem apparent. Some people can achieve it and suddenly become “successful”, after which they get lost in the success journey and fail to track the level of progress. Ideally, whenever it seems all the hard work is gaining insignificant payoff, then it shows one could be closer to his goals more than ever.

3. There’s just no substitute for hard work

While some individuals associate success with luck, the fact remains luck is just part of the bigger picture (hard work). Luck is merely a matchstick and can ignite a fire. Yet, only hard work will keep the fire burning.

4. People hardly recognize hard work to success

Even with countless articles, journals, books, audiobooks, and television shows, with topics of success stories, many people may fail to connect or even “ration” someone’s day-to-day struggle that might have brought success. Normally, it’s not because they’re unkind but it’s because of their inability to estimate the amount of time and effort that every successful person invests to reach where they are.

The punch line

Yes, hard work is simply the price one pays for what he intends to get. Success is not dependent on the circumstances, or how hard someone works, It is all about getting the energy to improving what someone is good at and moving in the right direction wrong direction all the time. Hard work and success work together; irrespective of time, space, and location, success can happen at any time.  The factors that regulate success vary, and the real essence of success lies within an individual’s perception.