Bowling may not be as popular as it was during the 1950s and 60s, but it’s still one of America’s favorite recreational activities. Last year, around 21% of people in the age group of 18 to 29 went bowling*. So why do people love bowling so much? Here are just a few reasons:

  • It’s a Great Reliever of Stress:

For young professionals who are busy throughout the week, bowling can be the perfect reliever of stress. There have been several studies published that show mild exercise can help produce mood-boosting hormones while lowering stress hormones. Bowling is a light exercise where your mind and body ease up. There’s something very satisfying about seeing pins get knocked down—doing so helps to release pent-up anger and even takes the mind off our normal daily worries.

  • It’s a Perfect Opportunity for Socializing:

If you’re looking forward to some friendly banter on the weekends, head to a bowling alley! Close to 2 million people love spending their time bowling, says the Bowling Foundation. It’s not just for the young—the elderly love to get out and get some exercise at the bowling alley, too. Bowling also helps people find company among likeminded individuals. Bowling is a great icebreaker as well, hence why it’s preferred by corporate companies who install personal bowling alleys in their offices. For those who do not like the crowd and noise that’s common at a public bowling alley, installing one at home is easy!

  • It’s an Inclusive Game:

External weather factors don’t affect the game. Rain or shine, you can bowl at any time during year. Also, this is one of the very few games that does not have age or gender restrictions. Men and women can compete with each other as equals. Everyone, from a four-year-old to an eighty-year-old can play the game without worry. And since you aren’t competing with anybody, it can be relaxing as well. 

  • It Has Its Health Benefits as Well:

Don’t let the casual approach fool you: bowling has many health benefits associated with it. For one, bowling helps people exercise their lower muscles because they’re walking with a lot of extra weight on them. Swinging and throwing help exercise the tendons, ligaments, and the joints in the arms. Bowling can also assist with weight loss because it speeds up the metabolism. All the swinging, walking, and bowling helps burn calories; in fact, almost 200 calories can be burned per game!

Bowling may have lost its sheen as a sport, but it’s certainly now more popular than ever as a fun recreational activity. Why do you love bowling? Share your thoughts!