Been bitten by the travel bug? Wanderlust have you pining to get out of the office and into the world? Has jet setting across the globe always been a top contender on your bucket list?

Well, if you work remotely, there’s no reason why you can’t spend your days traveling. Since remote employees can work from anywhere, that means that they can go anywhere (so long as there’s wifi) and keep their job. Saving up time for “vacation days” to travel the world is not something remote workers have to worry about. Instead, remote workers can actually spend every day of the year exploring new countries, cities, and towns around the globe.

So what exactly makes traveling so much better when you work remotely? Well, we’ve got some opinions on that. Here are four reasons why we think remote employees get the most out of travel.

1) You can spend an unlimited amount of time in any one place.

So long as your paperwork is in order, there’s no limit to the amount of time you spend in any country that you’re visiting. There’s no way that five vacation days in Florence can compare to three months traveling across the entirety of Italy.

For remote workers that are flexible with their planning, they can even choose to stay longer in the countries that interest them or feel like they need additional exploration time after arriving. When you’re working with two vacation weeks a year as an office employee, that time and flexibility just isn’t an option.

2) You’re still connected to your professional life.

While traveling is a beautiful thing, sometimes endless wandering can leave you feeling a little bit disconnected from your world, and not in a good way. Being able to work while your travel provides you with a way to stay involved with your professional community and remain a part of the team at all times, no matter where in the world you are.

3) You can meet more people while you’re abroad.

If you work while you’re traveling around the world, you’ll probably want to spend some days working from coworking spaces. Coworking spaces exist in nearly every country and major city, making it easy for remote employees to find one no matter where they are currently located.

With coworking spaces come community. Remote employees can meet and network with city locals and other traveling remote employees when they choose to work from coworking spaces around the globe. Now that’s something that you’d never come across when simply visiting as a two day tourist.

4) You can live in other countries, not just visit them.

There’s a difference between visiting a country for a week and living in a country for three months. In fact, there’s a huge difference. Remote employees can not only visit countries that they’re interesting in learning more about, they can actually immerse themselves in the country for long stretches of time.

Whether you’re a digital nomad that’s jumping from city to city on a regular basis or a remote worker who wants to take a two month trip to the other side of the globe, you have the opportunity to do such thanks to the freedom and flexibility of remote working. While the term “remote working” may often be interchanged with the term “working from home”, home is most certainly not the only place you can go.

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