As you make your way to success and imagine what legacy you will leave behind, note that only successful people live by a different set of rules.

Gaining accolades, getting to the top of the corporate ladder, or receiving money is not as important as a calling, pursuing a passion, and changing lives. And while working your butt is the normal path to greatness, working well for 120 hours a week in your family life, health and office is sheer stupidity.

Successful people walk in thin air managing their emotions and achieving the right balance between courage and peace. If you have recently lost your share, don’t give up. Practice the best and most successful techniques, so that you feel exactly the same.

They start the day with silence and meditation

With so much stress in their path and so many people seeking their attention, successful people seek out and process a quiet time in the morning; They can publish a journal of the events of the past and express their gratitude for the doors that open. They will see the sun rising and let their minds breathe to live this moment, still and for now.

A cup of coffee is rewarding before you have time to accomplish anything. So is tasty food and the emotional release of reading news (or watching videos on the internet). All of these things make you feel some way before your day truly begins.

They fail further

If you are the type of person who will give up soon after failing and simply cannot return with one stroke (tossing the towel in your dreams), then you can see one of the greatest lessons of every successful person. Are missing. .: Failure is part of the journey to success.

Accept this fact early so that when failure knocks on the door and tries to scare you, you look at it with confidence and accept it, learn from your mistakes and try again in a different way.

They overcome their fear

Darren Hardy, the bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, says that the real reason 66% of all entrepreneurs fail is due to mental and emotional barriers that hinder success. And according to Hardy the biggest hurdle is to bring entrepreneurs back? Fear.

President Franklin Roosevelt joked, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Before you do that all important call or take the stage for an opening speech for the first time. The fear of fear shakes inside and you turn towards Jell-O. But after successfully completing it, you realize that you are not in danger and no monster is eating you. Train your brain to accept that there is no danger that will help you turn off the fear response.

Hardy suggests a simple hack – 20 seconds of courage. He explains the idea: “Think of how much you can achieve if you apply 20 seconds of bravery to your primitive mind just 20 times a day. Imagine how it would be your success, your lifestyle. And will increase your notoriety in the market. Think of success. You can create. “

They surrender to the process

It takes a lot of confidence to let your life goals and dreams be the results of the universe or forces greater than you. That’s what I mean by “abandonment”.

Leadership thinker and author Mike Mayot brilliantly portrays my thoughts about surrender in this Forbes article, where he says:

You will rarely come across words of leadership and were used together in complementary ways. Society has called surrender a sign of leadership weakness, when in reality it may be one of the greatest strengths of leadership. Let me be clear, I am not encouraging to give up or give up - I suggest you learn such a subtle art of going.

So surrender to the outcome, your faith or your higher power, and believe that things will go according to plan. As you let go, surround yourself with trusted advisors, friends and family who will support and love you throughout your journey.