Whether you are a kid or an old guy, it is a fact the exercise keeps you healthy and strong. But in the 21st century, the TV shows, easy availability of surfing internet on the go, playing video games and other such activities has replaced the habit of exercise.

Exercise is an open secret to better health but you have to understand that the exercise should be done with the help of proper trainer to get the full advantage. If it is done in the wrong direction, then it can hit back you as well negatively.

Here are the 4 secret tips to a better health with the proper exercise:

Exercise to Burn Calories

Many people don’t know what exercise can do for them. Many people don’t move much during the day. In their busy life they don’t get enough time for the morning or evening walk and they can’t join the gym as well.

The main purpose of the exercise should be to burn calories. If you burn 700 to 1000 calories daily with the exercise, your will stay fit and there will be less chances of any heart diseases or joint pains. If you do a six pack abs exercises, it will not only get your body in shape, but it will also help to burn the required calories daily.

Increase Aerobic Activities

Many researches shows that aerobic exercise are great and safe for every age group as they help in fighting with most of the diseases. Some examples of these aerobic activities are cycling, walking, jogging, and swimming.

Walking on the brisk is good as it quickens your breathing which is good for the health.

Strength Training Can Protect Bones

With age, bones gets weaken as they lose calcium. Strength training can help in protecting your bones. Exercise like elastic-band workouts, use of free weights or weight machines are great examples of strength training and exercise.

These exercises help you in different ways and also help you in your daily activities and performance. For example, if you feel tired while climbing stairs, you will see the difference in a few weeks that you can climb the stairs easily without any stress while you are doing strength training.

It will strengthen your muscles so you can easily lift a weight and move it from one place to another.  When you have strong muscles there are fewer chances of injuries.

Flexibility Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is the major issues of people who have to work all day sitting on a chair. Or the people after the age of 40 or 45 feels back pain which is not good for the health and it reduces the overall performance in any task.

The flexibility exercise can help reducing the chances of back pain at older age. You should go through stretching and the flexibility training for this. Dead lifting is also good to reduce the back pain. But make it sure that you know how to do proper deadlift. Or you are getting help from a coach.

Final words:

In a nutshell, exercise can:

  • reduces the chances of getting any heart diseases and if you already have a heart disease, exercise will help you in reducing that as well.
  • help in reducing the risk of developing of diabetes and hypertension.
  • reduce the risk of different forms of cancer.
  • improve your mood.
  • keep your joints healthy and bones strong.
  • help in reducing your weight.