Happiness is something everyone wants, and as simple as it may sound, it is one of the most challenging things to find. Happiness is mainly perceived to be brought by things, friends, relatives and riches, so to mention a few. I can say for sure that’s not true. Nothing can bring us more happiness than getting to understand that happiness is found in us.

We hold the key to our happiness.

When we are always happy, we inspire people to live happily regardless of what they may be going through. Who doesn’t want a happy person? Everyone does.

Many times, we may go through severe stress without being aware. That can change by reading this article to the end.

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  1. Self-Care 

When we look good and have a sense of self-love, we tend to have that glow that results in a happy life. Go to a spa, take a walk, read a book, cook the best meal or watch a movie. All this will reduce stress and frees the mind from overthinking. When we do all these things by ourselves rather than expecting them from others, it makes us happy and fulfilled.

  1. Stay positive

Focusing on that thought that brings good memories. Am I saying that we don’t get those low moments? No, that’s not it. We all have that time that we feel sad and discouraged by things we have done or things others have done to us, but how we react to the negatives deed determines how happy we can be. We choose to ignore what makes us sad by always staying positive. 

  1. Set boundaries

Some things are said to us that is very insensitive. We ought to learn to stand and say whatever makes us unhappy. We don’t have to be that person that always stays quiet for the sake of peace. When we keep quiet and pretend that things do not hurt us, we tell people that we are okay with their insensitive remarks. State your position and let people around know what they can say and what they can’t. 

  1. Be open-minded

Accepting things we cannot change, work on the things that we can. Many times we try to be what we are not. Many things don’t go as we plan, but we always have that mind that knows that we cannot always be perfect. Sure enough, there is that one thing that we are good at, flow with it, for it gives satisfaction and happiness.

Final thought

Being happy is a choice, and no one can make us happy other than ourselves. Choose your friends wisely. Remember, what we do, who we hang out with determines how happy we can be. Rather than focusing on things that we didn’t do so well, please focus on things that we did so well and even try to make it better next time we do it.

Just like Epictetus said, ‘There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.’