We’d venture to guess that many of you start the work week with high hopes of what you plan to accomplish.  With your to-do lists in hand and your calendars at the ready, you open the doors to the office on Monday morning raring to go.  

Yet, by Tuesday afternoon (if you’re lucky), you’re already scrolling through your nephew’s bar mitzvah photos on Facebook or daydreaming about that holiday trip you’re planning to finally take to Hawaii.  What happened to your motivation and productivity?

It happens to the best of us, but don’t give in.  Increasing your productivity at work is not as challenging as it seems.  It’s really just a matter of taking control of your daily habits.  Here are 4 simple ways you too can increase your productivity at work:

Give Yourself a Break

Wait, did you just read that right?  Isn’t a break the opposite of what you should be doing when you find yourself unproductive?  Nope.  Taking regular scheduled breaks is known to improve concentration and reduce stress.  

Short rest periods allow you to refocus when it’s time to return to an important task.  In addition, taking time-outs increases information retention, thus making you a more knowledgeable as well as focused employee or manager.  

But don’t simply use breaks to browse online.  Get up from your desk and take a loop around the office or, if possible, step outside for a breath of fresh air.  Take five minutes to meditate, stretch, or chat with a colleague.  

When Possible, Finish the Quick Tasks First

As long as you don’t have any imposing deadlines or big priorities pending, knock off the quickest tasks on your to-do list first.  Doing so builds momentum and makes your task list seem increasingly less imposing.  

Procrastination is a huge time killer.  By tackling your quick tasks first, you get the ball rolling for the day and start off strong.  Not only that, but in doing so you decrease your stress by eliminating multiple tasks right off the bat.

Eat Well 

We know it’s simple, but it’s easy to forget.  In order to bring your best and most productive self to work each day you simply have to eat properly.  Make sure to have a healthy breakfast before you arrive and take a good lunch with you to refuel midday.  

Without sufficient high-quality and nutrient rich food, you’re bound to lose energy and concentration, thus decreasing your productivity.  

Keep Your Workspace Minimal

Yes, minimalism is a big trend these days.  But admit it, maybe they’re onto something.  If your workspace is cluttered and disorganized, you make it that much harder for yourself to get your work done each day.  

When your office or cubicle is simple and distraction-free, you’ll be way less likely to waste time rummaging through piles of documents or forgetting what your next task was.

Changing old habits isn’t easy, but when it comes to increasing your productivity at work, it’s worth it.  

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