Many of us have heard that morning routines are important to a successful day, however what makes a good morning routine? I had the opportunity to ask Christopher Clarkin, the social media mogul behind Instagram’s viral page @hardcorecomedy2.0. He gave me his 4 steps towards success.

  1. Make a list the night before

Clarkin admits that his routine starts the night before. He creates and follows up with his to-do list. “Everyday I prioritize what I have to do on a list. That way I make sure I know everything I have to get done and don’t waste extra time trying to figure out where to start.” He acknowledged that this list is an ongoing task throughout the day, “It’s continuous, everytime I check off one thing, I seem to add one two more, but this way I know exactly what has to get done.” The day has a way of running away from you, with the aid of a list you are able to ensure you get the most important things done each day.

  1. Energize Immediately

“Everyday I wake up at 7, have my coffee,  and go to the gym or jog for about an hour. I feel that getting active in some way is great for getting energized and letting my mind and body open up to the world and prepare for the day ahead.It fuels my concentration and focus. While working out I am able to relax and reflect on what I need to achieve.”

  1. Swallow the Pill

“There’s always going to be that one thing on the list you don’t exactly want to do. Start there. Then, the “worst” of it is behind you and the rest of the tasks seem so much easier. First thing in the morning is usually when you’re most motivated, so take advantage and get it done. Doing this task first makes it easier for you to complete without distractions or breaks.”

    4. Do Something to Relax

“Like I said, my list seems never ending, but I always find a place to stop. When I first

Started out, I was biting off way more than I could chew. I was so much more stressed,

I felt like I had to get everything done. Now, I make sure that every night I do something

I love that is not work related. I do love my work, but it is not relaxing. By doing

Something simple, like spending time with friends or family, or watching a movie, I feel

Much more refreshed and energized the next day.”