It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. You may be tempted to go in the direction of a fad new diet or splurge on expensive exercise equipment. Making healthy changes doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a complete diet overhaul. It can be simple and done in small increments. Read about four steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Incorporate Healthy Foods and Recipes

Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out every single thing you love eating. It means making small changes that are long-lasting and cutting back on the foods with the least nutritional value.

A complete diet overhaul is likely not practical. Instead, start by incorporating a few new foods into your weekly meals. Add some fruit to your breakfast or swap out starchy dinner foods for roasted green vegetables. And, when you occasionally get a craving for french fries, go for it! Just make sure you aren’t indulging in this greasy food every day.

Another easy idea is trying out a few new recipes each week. Look to the Mediterranean region for many easy and nutrition-packed recipe ideas. Their eating habits include many delicious and nutrient-rich foods, such as olive oil, fish, vegetables, beans and chicken.

Another easy health-giving idea is incorporating supplements into your diet. Look to red superfood to help boost your immunity, energy and blood flow. 

2. Have Fun and Laugh

All work and no play is not a healthy way to live. It is important to take time out of your busy schedule for having fun and laughing. Laughter can lift your mood and have a positive effect on bodily systems and organs.

These beneficial changes can be either short or long-term. Short-term effects include helping with circulation, increasing endorphins and lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Long-term effects range from relieving pain to boosting immunity.

There are many simple ways to add fun and laughter into your week: Call up a funny friend when you need a midweek boost. Watch your favorite comedian on Netflix or YouTube after a long day of work. Or, find funny shows or movies to watch with the family on the weekends. 

3. Find Ways To Cope With Stress

Stress is, unfortunately, a standard part of life; there really is no way to completely avoid it. However, there are plenty of healthy ways to help you manage it.

Start by understanding what triggers your stress response. Do you feel more stressed after a long day of work? Or, do family gatherings cause you a lot of stress? Being aware of what triggers your stress can help you be better prepared for how to handle it.

For example, you know that after giving a presentation at work, your stress level elevates. After the presentation, take a little time to sit in a relaxed position and do deep breathing. Or, a run after work may be the best medicine to combat work stress. 

4. Think Positively and Have an Optimistic Outlook 

Thinking positively and having an optimistic outlook are highly beneficial to your health. Some people more naturally lean towards a pessimistic attitude; thankfully, they’re ways to turn around negative thinking. 

To turn around negative thinking, start each day by writing down five things you are grateful for. This is a simple technique to help you better appreciate the things in your life. Another way to turn around negative thinking is to say positive phrases to yourself, such as “I am a strong person” or “I have a lot to offer others.”

Surround yourself with other positive people. When you are surrounded by only negative people, you may become more negative yourself. Spend time with friends and family who have a good attitude, look at the bright side of things and encourage you to be a better person. 

Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be as simple as adding in a few new healthy foods or recipes into your week. It can also add more fun and laughter into your day. Or, it can be finding better ways to cope with stress.