office conflicts

When people from different backgrounds work together; conflicts may be inevitable. However, every company should seek ways to solve disputes whenever they arise.

Even with the sweetest ever-smiling workers or the eldest in the company you may think off, you never know who will be the cause of conflicts.

Office conflicts may be between two employees, the whole team or even team leader. You may think it’s so hard to solve office conflicts but with a few tips, sober mind and the will, it will be a smooth ride.

Nonetheless, getting to the root of the conflicts will be the starting point of solving them.

However, we need first to understand what causes conflicts in offices.

What Causes Office Conflicts?

When emotions are not controlled or blown out of proportional, office conflicts, tend to emerge. Deciding out of emotions can be dangerous in aggregating battles.

 From Scramble for power to enumeration issues or even office politics with opposing forces, and also tricky employees; conflicts are bound to happen.

On the other hand, lack of communication or even poor communication can also lead to conflicts.

Therefore, all office staff must ensure that they communicate promptly and effectively to the concerned persons.

Can Office Conflicts be prevented?

Yes, with a few tips. How?

With perfect leadership and a good relationship with employees as well as excellent communication; avoiding conflicts will be easy.

First of all, set office rules and regulations. Whereby every employee will be responsible for his actions, however, lack of conflicts in the office doesn’t mean it’s a good point. Sometimes it brings to attention the loose ends and where and what to rectify. 

With a few tips, you will be able to solve office conflicts whenever they arise.

Face the Office Conflicts Head-On

First things first, Knowing where the office conflicts originated from should be the starting point and dealt with right away.  On the other hand, delaying to solve or even assuming there are no office conflicts, may end in tension being high, which will lead to deeper problems.

Again, deal with the employees having conflicts by encouraging them to talk it out as well as forgive each other. Another thing, discourage difficult employees’ behavior of demeaning and bullying others.

Also, talk to the proud employees to avoid future conflicts after solving the current issues.

Most importantly, encourage internal solving of office conflicts according to departments to avoid spreading.


Timely Intervention

Before it escalates to fights or even more disastrous fights in the office, intervene. Also, exercise your ability and authority in time.

Again, as a leader know when to intervene, above all, listen very keenly to both sides, giving them equal time to express themselves before making a decision.

 Also, let there be no winner or a loser as per the outcome of the discussion. After all, your mission is to solve office conflicts.

Besides, talk to both parties soberly while listening keenly, to give a fair verdict.

Giving Guidance and Counseling

Another thing, keep yourself free from office gossip to avoid interferences or even taking sides. More so, take charge of your position in the meeting.

On the other hand, reverting to the company rules and regulations will give you an upper hand in solving office conflicts as you follow guidelines.

Also, finding the agreeing point in solving the office conflict as a leader is essential. You can even give advice whenever needed as some of the employees’ value and emulate what you say as a leader.

 After all the argument and shouting, you have the final word as a leader whereby you have to keep the company running and work done in a conducive environment.


After all the talking and counseling, forgiving will culminate it all. First of all, you may start by forgiving the conflicting parties as a leader.

By so doing you set an excellent example to the workers, and it’s a plus to you as a leader as at the end of it all you will have a convincing comfortable period of forgiveness.

Moreover, let the workers forgive and embrace each other.

 This way, the healing process is fast, which will benefit the company and workers working in a peaceful environment and better relationships in the company.

Parting shot

A willing mind is key to solving office conflicts. And be truthful to both yourself and the conflicting parties. Tolerate each other with compassion, by minding the well being of the other.

Overlook some issues; see yourself in the other person’s shoes as you won’t like someone else is nasty to you. Be kind to others.

Learn to be a good listener and talk less, and if at all you will discuss, be responsible for your actions, and be a forgiving person.

Lastly, office conflicts don’t come necessarily in the wrong way. Most of the time, office conflicts act as learning lesson; to teach tolerance with fellow workers and how to relate with each other in a conducive office environment.