Maintaining my outlook and positive spirit has been increasingly challenging with the constantly changing news regarding the pandemic. As future sometimes seem uncertain, I developed some rituals that can have a calming effect and help me improve my overall mood. As I have been quarantining, I had to get creative and reach out for those activities I could practice while at home. To my surprise, there were so many options available which could help induce a sense of presence and mental clarity.

Below, I am sharing my top 4 favorite activities that I practice at home which help me reduce anxiety:

  1. Baths or shower: If at home, I like to take a shower or a bath each time I feel anxious. It helps me get clarity and improve my creativity even when it comes to work; I tend to get the best solutions to problems while I am in the shower. The calming effect of the warm water coupled with favorite bath scents tends to significantly reduce my anxiety and improve my overall outlook.
  2. Stretching: I have a yoga mat in my bedroom that I never put away. Basically, I tend to just wipe it down after each exercise or stretching session, and I keep in laid out as it always feels more inviting and effortless to squeeze in a quick stretch. I stretch couple of times a day, and I especially like doing some basic yoga poses before going to bed in the evening. I always feel calmer and healthier even after only couple of minutes stretching on my mat.
  3. Tea: One of my friends told me once that warm tea is like a hug in a cup – they couldn’t have been more right! I love making tea multiple times a day, sitting by the window, and drinking it slowly while hot. It feels so rewarding; it is one of those rituals that goes along with everything. I find that drinking hot tea while working helps maintain my serenity and makes me more productive. It also goes well with reading and watching my movies. As a bonus, I like to add some lemon or ginger, because who doesn’t feel less anxious knowing that they are getting little extra antioxidants too?
  4. YouTube: I find that some of the best spiritual speakers, yoga and meditation specialist videos are readily available on YouTube (yes, YouTube is not just an entertainment). There are so many instructors who offer full courses on exercise, spirituality, and science (I find science videos meditative too). Tuning in and watching a motivating video always helps induce a sense of peace.
I like enjoying a cup of hot tea even while traveling to take a moment and connect with my surroundings.

I hope my list of 4 simple activities to do while at home will help you achieve a more blissful outlook and make you feel more present. By choosing to engage in small and simple peace inducing rituals, we can help achieve a better overall quality of life.

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