Want to be on the same level as the most successful and productive people in the world? Well, it doesn’t matter where you work or what you do. However, it would help if you looked for ways to be more productive. Some of these ways include avoiding burnout and stress, maintaining successful habits, staying motivated and growing. 

Teri Ashbaugh has been one of those who have experienced maximum productivity in every sector of their lives. This woman is the owner of Purpose Driven Fitness, a company helping transform clients in their physical health to reach their new levels with a positive mindset and spiritual growth. Besides, Teri is an IFBB Fitness Pro, 3X overall fitness winner, and a 2X first place bikini winner. But how did this fitness champion manage to have a productive lifestyle and career?

  1. Avoiding Burnout & Stressful Days

Teri attaches much emphasis to prayer when it comes to avoiding burnout and stressful days. Prayer throughout the day and quiet time with God has been vital in helping her achieve this goal. In addition, prayer allows Teri to connect, reset and receive encouragement daily. 

Additionally, on many occasions, Teri journals her thoughts and feelings for more clarity and confirmation. Also, Teri loves bubble baths and self-care including massage and chiropractic therapy. Therefore prayer, journaling your thoughts, bubble baths, self-care, chiropractic work and massage therapy can help you avoid burnout, stress and make you productive. 

  1. Maintaining Successful Habits

Being productive requires you to maintain some of the successful habits. For example, one of the habits that made Teri achieve productivity was identifying the issue or the cycle she wanted to break. Teri advises that it is vital to have a plan of action to break the cycle of habit. Therefore, as you move through the process of habit-breaking be patient and expect progress over perfection. Other successful habits you can maintain to increase productivity is rising early, staying positive, taking personal care, taking action and relaxing when tired. 

  1. Stay Motivated

Did you know that everyone is motivated by different things? It is therefore essential to first find out what motivates you! In understanding how to stay motivated you need to understand your “why” and define your goal. You then can create a clear vision, produce a plan and look for the bigger picture. Additionally, approach tasks in new ways, break goals into manageable tasks, get organized, tackle procrastination head-on, and stop multitasking. You can also harness the power of optimism, reward yourself and visualize yourself succeeding. 

For Teri, the feeling of success and accomplishment was very motivating. However, knowing she was completing the tasks God called her to do was a huge motivator for her to continue to do more. Likewise, when Teri is helping a client become their very best through health and fitness, these actions light up the fire of motivation in her spirit. 

  1. Continue To Grow

Growth is one aspect that something is productive. Though growth might take time, Teri says that the desire to increase will make you productive. This fitness pro has continued to grow and succeed through the power of prayer. She continues to pray for the desire to grow while trusting that God has a perfect plan for her. As she grows, she trusts that God will protect and lead her in whatever He calls her to do. When Teri misses the mark, she never gives up. This woman continues to press on even when things are hard. She also teaches her clients how to grow and continues to be role models for the people around them. 


Therefore, if you want to be productive, avoid burnout and stressful days, maintain successful habits, stay motivated, and grow, Teri can help you do this!