Today’s employers are beginning to recognize the importance of work-life balance for their employees. When team members feel like they have a positive work-life balance, they are happier, are less likely to quit, and are more productive. Conversely, employees who don’t have a sense of work-life balance feel chronically stressed, which often leads to burnout, illness, and a loss of productivity.

Hopefully, you already recognize the importance of work-life balance for your team members. Here are some tips that will help you create a positive work environment that fosters work-life balance. 

  • Offer flexible work schedules. 

Much of today’s workforce feel like they are putting too much time into work and not enough time into their life outside of the office. To combat this, do what you can to offer employees flexibility in their work schedules. If possible, offer remote work options. When employees feel like they have control over their schedules, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their work.

  • Focus on productivity.

What’s more important to business: the number of hours your employees work or the amount of work they actually accomplish? If you’re worried that allowing employees to work flexible hours will lead to a loss of productivity, shift your perspective. Focus on the work that gets done rather than clocked hours and watch what happens!

  • Offer volunteer time off.

Employees today, especially millennials, are more motivated by social causes than ever before. Consider offering some volunteer days, so your employees can serve in ways that they choose without the fear of missing work. As a bonus, this perk will attract passionate job seekers to your organization. 

  • Lead by example.

Lastly, as a leader in your organization, make work-life balance a priority in your own life. Of course, you want to model hard work and dedication, but be sure also to model self-care and balance. If your employees see you taking an occasional personal day or time off for a vacation, they will feel less guilty about doing the same. The result will be that you all feel refreshed and motivated to work hard while in the office.