4 Tips for Planning a Family Staycation - Thrive Global - Chris Janese

Staycations have been one of the most popular things to do with family throughout the past few years. Some people choose to do this because long-duration is impossible due to their work, while others may have more economic reasons for not traveling. No matter the reason, a staycation should result in one thing, having a fantastic time with your family. The following list includes a few tips on planning a family staycation the right way.

Conduct Some Prep-Work Beforehand

Let’s face it, the last thing you’d want to do on vacation is wash dishes, clean the house, and do laundry. This should also be your mentality when planning a staycation. Therefore it is incredibly important to conduct some prep-work before the official start of your staycation. If possible, you could even hire someone to help you out for a day or two to get things ready. The goal here is not to worry about these daily issues during the duration of your staycation.

Set a Budget

Staycations shouldn’t break the bank. It’s imperative that you set time aside to create a budget. This is usually simple and most likely won’t take too much time to create. If you’re planning to go camping in a nearby camping site or stay at a local resort, then budgeting is a must-do. Include entry fees, food, supplies, activities, and add some splurge money to it.

Lay Down the Law

During a staycation, it can be easy to fall into your regular home routine, especially if you have teenagers. Thus it is imperative that you law down the law with some written rules before starting your staycation. Some of these rules should include technology time allowed, friend invitation rules (allowed or not?) and the most important of them when the staycation starts.

Plan it Out

There’s nothing worse than becoming bored during a staycation. During the planning process, you must outline what you want you and your family to do. Are you going to stay at home all day? Will outdoor activities be okay? Having an itinerary for your day can no doubt help reduce the chances of people getting bored.