4 Tips for Starting a Side Hustle - Steven Lewis Weiner - Thrive Global

People might start a side hustle for many different reasons. Some people want to express themselves creatively and feel stifled at their job. Some people want to make extra cash using previously gained skills. The list goes on, but there are some basics before you get started.

Write What You Know

Write down experiences you’ve had that you’ve enjoyed, and think about why you enjoyed them. For example, if you have an art degree but are grinding through your 9 to 5, consider leveraging your degree into learning web design. If words get you up in the morning, find ways to demonstrate your copy-writing ability or share what you know online. Either way, figure out what you want to do before you hustle.

Think About Your Goals

Figure out if you want to stay in your daily grind or get out of it long-term. One statistic says that less than a quarter of side hustlers want their hustle to become their grind. This means that people like having a hobby that can make up extra cash without committing to it full-time.

Know The Field

While a skilled graphic designer can make upwards of 30k in a year, the rest have to learn the field. If you want to create a side hustle, find ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Some side hustles benefit from certification and further education, especially such creative work as writing. For example, many sites looking for writers prefer someone with a degree in English or related fields.

Understand Company Policy

Keep in mind that your 9 to 5 is currently paying your bills. Check your company’s policies regarding other jobs, which usually includes side hustles. If your company allows side hustles, consider ways that your side hustle enhances your 9 to 5 before you bring up the topic with a manager.

Having a side hustle is becoming more common. Still, there are some things you will need to know: be familiar with your company’s policies regarding side hustles, see the field, consider your goals, and write down what you enjoy doing or what you’ve always dreamed of doing.