As people grow and evolve throughout life, they can suddenly shift gears and want to transition to a new lifestyle or incorporate loads of new hobbies. Inevitably, friends and family will also, in many ways, be a part of that journey. Knowing to be a supportive and caring force in a friend and loved ones journey onto a better self can be extremely important. What that support looks like may vary considerably depending on what they’re attempting.

No matter how unfamiliar you are to these interests, there’s no reason you can’t try to be a positive force in their transition. Here 10 tips to being a good friend throughout a loved one’s wellness journey.

1. Don’t indulge in vices in their company

One of the main difficulties faced by those trying to cut out bad habits is temptation. If you associate yourself with a particular vice, then the chances are that they won’t enjoy the time spent in your company. So, if you’re consoling a recovering alcoholic, it’s probably worth keeping the gin out of reach until they’ve left for the evening.

2. Even Phones

The same applies to vices like smartphone usage; when someone announces that they’re looking to cut back on their screen time, you might consider following their example – at least while they’re around. If you can’t bring yourself to do so, then it might indicate that you have a problem, too. Don’t allow a crab mentality to ruin your friend’s chances.

3. Send them a Gift

When someone makes a big lifestyle change, they’ll tend to fare better when they know that their nearest and dearest are rooting for them to succeed. And there are few better ways to demonstrate that this is what you’re doing than with the help of the right gift. Pick out something that’s appropriate to their objective.

If they’ve gone vegan, for example, try a tofu press or a cookbook. If they’re taking up some old art form or hobby, send them materials and inspiration they’ll need to succeed. If you’re sending something fragile, use a reputable courier like Parcel2go to make sure your items get to the person, literally, in one piece. Take it from me, not all mail carriers respect the “fragile” sign as much as they should. You can even send some books on prominent names in their new hobbies. Anything that lets them know you care about their new endeavors and are willing to support them in whatever they find joy in doing.

4. Go Outdoors

There is no wellness journey that doesn’t feature copious amounts of exercise and fresh air. Thus, if you’re looking to spend time with a friend, somewhere outdoors is sure to be appreciated. If you’re lucky enough to live near an area of natural beauty, then take the time to go for a long walk. You might, on the other hand, arrange some more adrenaline-fuelled activities, like rock climbing or mountain biking. Just run the plan by them first, and don’t book until you have the green light.

4. Be mindful of where you go

If they’ve made a switch to a new diet, whether for nutritional or ethical reasons, you can support them by looking for a place to eat that matches their newfound needs. Vegetarians will quickly tire of the same old meals served at restaurants that aren’t strictly geared toward vegetarians, but fortunately many places are now geared toward plant-based diets. Track down those eateries, and enjoy what’s on offer!

No matter what you end up deciding, any legitimate effort will go a long way for your relationship. The environment a person surrounding themselves can be a big determining factor as to whether they succeed in a new lifestyle change, and it’s incredibly rewarding to know you were a positive difference. To great friendships!


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