We have a question for you…

How many hours/day do you spend on social media?

3, maybe 6 hours a day?

That’s a lot of time. But, that’s what goes to browsing useless posts and status updates.

You could be doing something better. You can work on your body, make more money, or get into a spiritual venture.


Learn Proper Social Media Use.

Social media is a big world. Its possibilities are endless…

You can use it constructively. So need to waste time on useless banter.

Instead, take your social profiles, and use them for a better purpose.

Use social media to make a change.

Today, we’ll help you with that. We’ll give you 4 tips on meaningful social media use.

Read the list, and plan a new online approach!

#1 – Use it for an Offline Hobby.

Do you like fishing? If so, use social media for that.

Start a fishing group (for people in your area). Set up regular hangouts at a fishing spot!

Or maybe you practice martial arts? If so, use social media to organize sparring sessions!

Basically, make sure you use it to step offline. Otherwise, why use it?

What if I Lack Offline Hobbies?

Then get one.

The outdoors are amazing. You need to get out and see the world!

And you don’t need to be rough, or visit the wilderness. Do something simple, like run, or frequent a restaurant.

You can develop many hobbies from just simple activities!


Maybe your lifestyle’s forcing you indoors.

It could be hours of office work. Maybe your hobby is your business. Then you probably know that  social media is an essential part of business today. From Hotels and Tourism to Engineering: Even lawyers and professionals of all kinds have social media profiles and are “digitally productive.”

If being digitally effective is your preference , try out the next tip!

#2 – Express Yourself.

Social media is a weird addiction. It’s one that comes with a set of pros…

That is – an abundance of information.

You probably have something to talk about. They might be opinions about people, events, behaviors you’ve seen, etc.

So what should you do with those opinions?

Create Content.

Spread the word. You gain many benefits from doing so.

First, you practice self-expression. You learn how to clearly talk (and more importantly) in a convincing way!

It’s a prerequisite to good writing and public speaking!

Public Speaking?

Most people list it as one of their greatest fears.

But isn’t that what social media is? Isn’t it a platform for public speaking (to friends and loved ones)?

It’s a learning experience. If you can express yourself on social media, you can do so (confidently) in real life…

It’s a lost skill in the 21st century. It makes you a charismatic person, even if you’re a homebody!

#3 – Learn to Manage a Following.

Few people lead. Even fewer know how to…

Social media lets you learn leadership skills. Because if you can manage an online following, you can do so offline too!

What Leadership Skills?

First, you learn civil engagement.

Social media is a place for “unrestrained debating.” There’s no body language, social niceties, etc.

So it teaches you to be objective. It teaches you to take criticism, while putting it into perspective.

Also, social media teaches you how to set an example. That is, you learn the “art of branding.”

It teaches you to evaluate good from bad posts. You learn to analyze what goes online, and what stays offline.

The Art of Announcing.

Announcements, teasers, and raising hype. Those are all leadership qualities.

But they’re also qualities that you learn from another social media skillset. That is digital media marketing!

#4 – Learn Digital Marketing.

Basically, learn a skill to sell.

Everyone uses social media. They use it for vanity. They use it market businesses. And they use it to convene…

Regardless of use – everyone needs a digital marketer.

Be that person. Learn to grow other people’s followers. And you’ll always find demand, wherever you are!

Combine Tips 2 & 3.

There are so many specialties in digital marketing.

You market other’s social media. You can learn to build popular brand images.

Or how about social bookmarking!

It’s critical that you do get it right and as inauthentic bookmarks just don’t work. How to bookmark, what to bookmark and when to bookmark is all part of what you learn in digital  media marketing.

There’s much to learn. But don’t fret – learning the basics of digital marketing is simple.

Yet, it’s a lifelong skill that you can build upon for an income source!

The Takeaway.

Want to use social media meaningfully? Make it a tool.

Social media shouldn’t be the end. You need it as a means for a constructive end.

You can use it to learn better social skills. You can use it to make money and be a leader…

Or you can use it for a hobby you’re passionate about!

And that’s how you succeed on them. After all, if you look at highly-followed people, you’ll see them using it that way.

They don’t obsess over social profiles. And they don’t shuffle non-stop through posts.

They use it meaningfully. And that’s how you should use it too!