4 Tips to Create a Volunteer Program - Sarah Laud

Giving back to society is a prestigious opportunity to contribute to the welfare of others who are in need. There are a host of options out there that you can utilize to donate to charity. You may also choose to start your volunteer program and manage it well to attend to a given cause. When creating a volunteer program, it is essential to focus on four important areas.

Creating a Mission Statement

A well-crafted mission statement should guide each volunteer program. A good mission statement should answer specific questions, including the program’s objective, the planning and coordination of the volunteer program, and its name. The mission statement should be well-crafted as it serves as the face of the entire charity program.

Setting Program Goals

When starting a volunteer program, your goals should be well articulated. You may want to use the SMART criteria to ensure that the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. To ensure that the process is thorough enough, you may have to engage your volunteer coordinators, stakeholders, and staff members to brainstorm the appropriate goals.

Forming a Strategic Plan

A well-written strategic plan should define the operations of a volunteer program on a day-to-day basis. The plan should articulate certain areas, including resource acquisition and allocation, volunteer recruitment and engagement, and internal and external communication. The strategic plan will ensure that the program runs smoothly, even under different administrative managements or with little supervision.

Relationship Management

The ability of your volunteer program to succeed heavily depends on external contributors and volunteers. The idea of acquiring and managing relationships with your volunteers and donors should thus be highly regarded. When organizing the enormous volumes of data involved, a software database may come in handy to make data storage and retrieval easier. When cultivating the relationship, it also helps to consider communicating with your donors on past, ongoing, and upcoming projects.

Finally, starting and running a volunteer program is a welcome idea that will be much appreciated by both volunteers and the beneficiaries. By observing the above-outlined four main areas, you can be sure that your newly found volunteer program will stand a chance of making an impact on society.