4 Tips to Get Involved in Your Local Community - Sarah Laud Thrive Global

Many people struggle to give back to their communities because they don’t know where to start. As people go through their daily activities, they may overlook many ways to contribute to their communities, but the causes are there when you take the time to look. If you want to get more involved in your local community, here are a few ideas to help.

Attend Local Events

Getting involved doesn’t always mean making a sacrifice or doing something for another person. Sometimes, it’s enough to do something enjoyable. Attending a community theater, arts festival, or concert will allow you to meet others in your community. You may develop new friendships that take your life in an entirely new direction by merely engaging in a new activity.

Shop at Locally Owned Businesses

Another way to get involved in your community without making a significant sacrifice is to restrict your shopping to locally owned businesses. Stores that are owned by residents of your town will use local suppliers and hire local jobseekers. Meanwhile, national chain stores are more likely to hire from outside the community. They will also order supplies from a national supplier rather than going to locally-owned businesses.

Volunteer Your Time

If you want to give back to your community without breaking your budget, you may find that your time is more valuable than money. You can join a literacy program as a tutor, help out at a local animal shelter, or volunteer at your local hospital. You can even choose a few different activities and divide your time between them.

Join an Organization

If there’s a specific cause that concerns you, look for a nonprofit organization that aligns with your interests. You can volunteer to work with them as a means of contributing to your community. While you’ll likely start at the ground level, you can work your way up in the organization over time. This will help you bring real change to an issue that you affect you personally.

There are many ways you can get involved in your community. You can choose an activity that gives you more independence, such as visiting the elderly, or you can join an organization for a more structured experience. How you get involved is a personal choice, but you can feel good about the contributions you’re making no matter what you do.