It’s great being a woman, especially in the 21st century. Women are valued by society for being beautiful, nurturing and resilient. While those things may be true, women also face certain challenges that a man can never comprehend. There are times in a woman’s life that she may need a little extra help that mother nature just doesn’t provide. For those times, it’s good to look to science to make life a little easier. Here are four situations in life that create that necessity.

Hormone Fluctuations

While a lucky few women seem to approach life as if it’s a breeze, for some women that one time a month can be a real monster. Whether it’s your mind switching through moods like a bored teenager flipping through television channels or that dreaded pain that feels like your abdomen’s being fed through a paper shredder, help is out there. Choosing the aid of a hormone balance supplement can bring valuable relief. Supplements aren’t just useful during PMS, but they can relieve thyroid issues, hot flashes and menopause. There’s no glory in suffering and waiting until it passes. Get relief where you can. It’s okay to need help.


Eventually, up to 85% of women are going to choose to have children. Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body, but even harder is the fact that your body won’t look like it did pre-pregnancy. It can take months to get back that waistline that was so highly prized, but eventually, you will get there. But, the stretch marks will prove to be the real challenge. There’s no avoiding them since your body grows so rapidly during pregnancy, and they are completely normal so there’s really no reason to feel ashamed. Unfortunately, many women do. The good news is, they do fade over time. Research has shown that a little assistance from vitamin A may also help them fade. 


When you’re young, you don’t always plan for growing old, but when it comes to your health, you should. Women are more susceptible to this degenerative bone disease that can wreak havoc on your posture and bone density. It’s main cause is lack of calcium. When the body doesn’t get enough calcium, it will look to your bones. Fortunately, it is avoidable with the proper diet and exercise, but it’s important that you start early. Get plenty of vitamin D, which can be found naturally in milk and dark green vegetables. Exercise such as jogging and aerobics will strengthen your bones. Be sure to include weight-bearing exercises into your routine as they will also strengthen your bones and give you better balance which can help avoid injury from falls. 

Breast Cancer

While men can get breast cancer, too, it’s 100 times more common in women. Sometimes genetics play a role in a woman’s breast cancer risk, but there are certain lifestyle choices that can increase your risk. Limit your alcohol intake to no more than one drink a day, and if you’re a smoker, stop. Being physically active and breast feeding after childbirth have shown to lower a woman’s risk. Give self-breast exams regularly while you’re young so you know your breasts. That way, should any changes occur, you’ll know about them and can present your findings to your doctor. Have a yearly mammogram once you hit 40. Combined with your own self exams, you’ll catch any growth before it can spread. 

Being a woman requires some maintenance, but your body and your mental health are worth it. As you may have noticed from this list, exercise is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Besides helping you get back in shape following childbirth, as well as strengthening your bones and lowering your risk of cancer, it’s also good for stress and mental health. If you need some help through certain periods in life, always ask for help. No woman is an island.