We all know how it feels to get lost. No, not literally, but in our own mind and heart. We feel like days, weeks, months, and years start running together and sooner or later, we can start feeling like we aren’t seizing each day with purpose. With so many external pressures like Covid-19, being an entrepreneur, or working corporate, our mental health should be a top priority.

In this post, I’ll highlight 4 tips you can use to start your day with purpose.

1. Wake Up Earlier

If you feel rushed in the morning, wake up earlier. It’s important to have time to dedicate to yourself each morning. How you treat yourself in the morning often sets the tone for your entire day. Each person is different, so just make sure that you have enough time each morning to follow some of the tips in this post.

Waking up earlier also means you may need to go to bed earlier to get adequate sleep.

2. Take a Walk

While I love exercising with weights or running vigorously, in the morning my body loves a slower pace. I walk about 20 minutes each morning. A walk helps me in the following ways:

  • I get in the sun for 20 minutes
  • My heartrate increases
  • I release stress I have
  • I start to wake up better

A walk has so many benefits for you, I’d recommend setting enough time each day to walk at least 20 minutes, or 1 mile.

3. Breathing Exercise

Another great tip is to practice breathing exercises. I tend to accomplish this while I’m walking each day. Here’s how I do it:

  1. I take in 20 deep breaths through my nose, and let it out through my mouth
  2. After 20 deep breaths, I take in 1 final big breath and hold while I continue walking. I count my steps while I’m holding my breath, which is a great way for me to only focus on that and remove any wandering thoughts
  3. I repeat the above 3 times, each time extending the number of steps I can take.

This breathing exercise fills the body with oxygen and renews my mind.

4. Spiritual Reflections

After I finish my walk and breathing exercises, I sit on my porch and meditate and pray. It’s important to know that the universe is vast, much larger than ourselves. We are not alone, and gaining perspective can help us each day. Spiritual benefits are great for our mental health as well as our physical health. I’ve found that my heart rate slows, my mind quiets, and I feel more at peace.

Conclusion on Starting Your Day With Purpose

It’s so important to slow down before we start our day. Waking up earlier, taking a walk, breathing, and reflecting spiritually are great ways to help you start your day with purpose.

Best of luck and thank you for reading my article on “4 Tips for Start Your Day With Purpose.” My name is Anthony Bart, I’m the President of BartX, TherapistX, and TherapyByPro. My companies focus on helping mental health professionals and other service-based businesses grow their businesses.