Cool Office With Working AC

Productivity in the workplace is a significant talking point for business executives. But the people responsible for performing under poor working conditions and unrealistic expectations are the ones who need help. One of the best ways to humanely improve workplace productivity is to ensure competent air conditioning. A comfortable working environment fosters increased productivity. In contrast to the heavy-handed tactics used to bully workers into results, the more compassionate approach works best.

Check out some of the ways an office AC tune-up can improve your working environment:

1) Health & Wellness

Many say that the best ability is availability. Productive offices have employees who show up to work. But more so than that, those employees feel good inside of their workspace. Poor ventilation and AC problems can create problems on both fronts. First, it can cause workers to take more sick days after suffering from respiratory issues. Second, it can decrease productivity for workers who are present but under the weather. Symptoms like dryness in the eyes and skin can both contribute to a decrease in workplace productivity. Investing in a high-quality HVAC unit will solve most of these challenges.

2) Comfortability

Despite what others believe, comfort is one of the most critical factors in facilitating productivity. We’ve all heard stories about strongman bosses or coaches tearing down their employees or players to rebuild them as healthier and more reliable individuals. We know it doesn’t work because Doug Collins failed to lead the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Finals. When the Zen Buddhist Phil Jackson replaced him as head coach, the Bulls went on to win six championships. Comfort is essential to performing at your best.

3) Stability

While humans can adapt to changing environments, stability tends to maximize performance. Coming into a hot office one day, and a cold one, the next, threatens momentum built in the workplace. Workers might make comments like “it’s like a sauna in here” or “I might as well move to Alaska.” Studies show 25℃ as the temperature of peak productivity during the summer months. Your office needs an AC that can keep it there.

4) Humidity Control

HVAC systems with adjustable thermostats provide flexibility to employees. Control over temperature tends to boost morale and reduce the “trapped” feeling office workers face. AC systems with built-in humidifiers allow for humidity control. After all, it’s not the heat but the humidity that bothers many employees. Research suggests that some humidity is ideal for peak performance. Compromise remains necessary in any working environment. Gender and age will often dictate temperature preferences, and office managers must keep everyone happy.


Workers perform best when they are comfortable, stable, and healthy. These are universal principles for every work environment. The best way to increase productivity is not to install tracking software on your employee’s laptops but to make sure they feel their best in your office. Ultimately, the burden of productivity falls not on the worker but the business executive. After all, most of them play golf while their workers keep the company afloat. Covid-19 has shown us those essential workers are the foundation of the country and not the investors.