So, you’ve started your own business! You are new to the entrepreneurial world and you feel so excited about this new chapter in your life, as you should!

BUT you also feel like your head is going to explode with all of the things you need to do to actually launch your business. From picking a name, to registering your business, to product development, to social media and beyond. Overwhelming is an understatement.

Entrepreneurship is a long and hard road that leads to a lot of imposter syndrome. I guarantee you that every entrepreneur has doubted their abilities or feared failure at one point in their business journey. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure-all solution to this feeling other than pushing forward through the doubt and obstacles. But there is one thing that helps entrepreneurs build confidence in themselves and their business throughout all the ups and downs – branding.

Here are 4 ways branding can help you feel more confident in your new business:

Defining Your Purpose

One of the first steps in creating your brand’s identity is to define its purpose for existing. On the surface, this might be because you were sick of your 9-5 and craved more freedom and control in your life. But it’s more than that, because you took a huge risk to get here so what’s driving that? It might be the impact you have on the industry, your customers, or the community. It could be because you feel things need to change and you want to be the driving force of that change. 

Getting below the surface level and to the root of your purpose for building your business is an empowering experience. It allows you to focus on the big picture day after day and to get through the tough times, knowing you are making a difference in some way.

Identifying Your Differentiation

Another key step in the branding process is identifying your brand’s differentiation. In order to run a successful business you must be able to stand out from the competition and communicate what makes you different (and better!) to your customers. This differentiation can be anything from your product, to your customer experience, to your specific outlook on business or skills. 

Every business and business owner has something that makes them unique and special. Identifying this and structuring it allows you to communicate it yourself, to your investors, to your friends and family and anyone who will listen! Know that your idea or your skillset is the reason the business exists and nobody can take that away from you. You are unique – embrace it!

Developing a Strategy

At the end of the branding process, in addition to knowing the ins and outs of your brand, you walk away with a structured strategy and roadmap for implementation. This comes in the form of a Brand Book that is your entire brand documented for future reference and distribution to employees or investors. The Brand Book assists with communicating your brand’s identity and value to your audience and important key stakeholders.  

What I’ve found with my clients is that this releases a huge weight off of their shoulders and provides them with the clarity and focus that they were missing in their business. After the branding process you will be a better business owner because you will have the strategy in place to know exactly who you are, what you provide, what makes you different, and how to communicate that effectively. There will be no more running in circles confused and communicating inconsistently. 

Creating a Visual Representation 

An important part of branding is your visual identity and representation. This includes a logo, color palette, fonts, graphics and more. Developing a cohesive visual story allows your business to speak for itself. A professional brand design signals to the world that you are an expert in your field and a trustworthy business.  

I’ve also seen that when developing the visual brand identity and seeing it all come together, my clients have an overwhelming feeling of happiness because it is exactly what they were looking for and could not do on their own. They feel an even greater connection to their business and are excited to show off their brand to the world.

Not only is branding an essential part of running a successful venture from a business standpoint, but it is also the one thing that glues all of the pieces of your business together and creates clarity, focus, and confidence in your business moving forward. Become the empowered entrepreneur you were meant to be with a cohesive, powerful, and aligned brand presence!