An important trait for any leader is likability. Leaders that are likable are able to produce excellent results and show their passion without being a pushover. To be a more likable leader start by envisioning what you like the best in a leader and embody that. If you want to be more likable with the people, start by making a choice to become more likable and try out one of the following ways.

1. Define Who You Are

In order for others to like you, they need to get to know who you are. Before they know who you are, you need to know yourself. Think about the foundational principles that make up who you are and the person you want to become. Don’t hide the person you are. Others will be attracted to your leadership and core values when you remain transparent about the person you are.

2. Take an Interest in Others

Be curious about the people on your team and get to know them on a personal level. This shows others that you actually care and are interested in them beyond what they can do at work. In addition, you may be able to learn something new from them. Showing your interest in learning more about a person and what you can learn about this person can make you a very likable person. People will often like others who like them in return.

3. Pay Attention to Your Voice

If you come off negative with a nasal tone, listeners may turn their attention to something else. A warm voice that is clear and enthusiastic is more likely to increase trust and promote likability. Listen to your own voice and identify any issues. Try recording yourself or asking a friend for feedback. Look for areas where you could improve your pitch, tone, pace, or stress. A great idea is to turn to TED talks or any other professional speeches for an example.

4. Be Conscious of Your Body Language

If you appear to be more closed-off, fewer people are likely to approach you. To be the most approachable, avoid trying to hide by crossing your arms or hiding in a corner. Be confident in your physical space; stand tall, have good posture, and gesture when appropriate.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you connect with your team with more ease, and in return, you will become more likable.