Anyone who follows my personal social feeds or my company, Work It Daily, knows that my team and I push out content on a regular basis.

I’m on a mission to help one million people grow their careers, and content plays a huge part in that goal. Whether it’s an article, video, or social media post, you never know when a piece of content can change someone’s life for the better.

When it comes to career growth, this change could be as simple as a video including the missing piece of the puzzle for a job seeker looking to complete their job search. The impact of multiple pieces of content can serve as real eye-openers for some job seekers, who realize that the job market has changed and they could use some help.

Whatever the case may be, Content Is King, and if you or your company have the expertise to share, don’t hold back!

Here are four ways that you can make compelling content that is impactful:

Stick To What You Know

Is there an amazing story that you’ve told countless times about a career accomplishment, or a problem at work that you’re proud you solved? Think about why you’ve told the stories, and the reaction you got from. Chances are if these stories have helped someone in the past, they can help more people in the future.

Create content around some of these career stories and see what happens. The content could get shared over and over again, and before you know it you have a ton of new followers eagerly waiting for your next piece of content.

Don’t Ignore Current Events

The news is impossible to ignore, particularly when you have events that impact everyone. In cases like this, it’s important to tie current events into your content.

If everyone is already talking about a subject, take advantage of that and apply the topic to your area of expertise.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of a current event that many businesses and professionals have tied into their content. Here at Work It Daily, we’ve included COVID-19 into many of the topics we already tackle, such as its impact on the job search, and how companies can position themselves for success after COVID-19, and creative ways to network while social distancing.

We also recently tackled the important social issue of Race & The Workplace. Offer some perspective into some of these current events, and you may get some great engagement from your network.

Commit To The Long Game

Imagine these two scenarios:

First, you write an amazing piece and it goes viral, and then you don’t put out anymore content. What’s the point of putting out this great insight and gaining an audience, if you don’t nurture that audience and try to become a go-to source of knowledge?

Second, your first three content offerings don’t take off and you give up. By giving up, you never gave yourself a chance in the first place. It takes time to gain an audience, and you’re always one piece of content away from going viral.

Consistency is the key to gaining an audience’s attention. The more you write about something, the more it shows your commitment and knowledge of a topic. This helps you gain credibility and will eventually gain you loyal followers that will engage with your content and share it with others.

Remember, What You Do Matters!

As referenced above, committing to content is committing to a long game. Like anything in life, some days are easier than others. But one thing that helps me is knowing that with anything that I create, there’s always the potential that it could give someone that “Ah-ha Moment,” where they suddenly see a situation differently and they make a connection with the content. If that piece of content makes a positive impact on their lives, they’ll always remember it and will continue to come back to you for future insights.

So, if you’re struggling to write that blog or film that video, remember there could be someone out there who really needs it, and what you do as a content creator matters.

Do you still have doubts about creating content? You shouldn’t!

Creating content is a simple process, and you can always ask for help. If you run a large company, you can turn to your employees for help. Your employees are on the frontlines and they know what type of content can benefit your customers. Build a robust content strategy with guidelines, and then let them be a part of the process.

One thing is for certain: If you don’t produce content, you’ll fall behind the competition.

By failing to produce content, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build your personal brand and employer brand.

Put yourself out there and make a difference!

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