I recently purchased another business. It all happened 5 days before I was to head away on a speaking tour for two weeks.

With the business came a staff member, and I had a window of less than half an hour to give her instructions before leaving.

As I thought about what I was to say to her, having never met her before, I had two words come to mind, and they were, ‘Impress me!’

My girlfriend was going to be one of the other staff members during that time. So, it was her job to see if this existing staff member would impress me, even though I wasn’t there.

I then outlined the following 4 things that I was looking for from her, particularly during that two-week period, and to equip her.

So, allow me to share those 4 things, which, if you adopt them for your life, will impress those you work and live with while opening doors like never before to opportunity beyond your wildest dreams.

1. Be Prepared

Simply, I mean to be punctual, to be prompt, and to even be early. I loved it just this week as I was seeking to hire another staff member. The intended employee turned up fifteen minutes early for the interview, even before I did. I was impressed. I hired her.

Don’t ever be late, but if for unforeseen circumstances it does happen, send a quick text or make a phone call. Communication is the key.

But in most cases, make it your habit to leave earlier than normal to take into account any delays that may occur.

Know your subject. Be familiar with your tools of the trade. Expand your understanding of your trade or profession by undertaking ongoing study in your own time and even at your own expense. Don’t wait for the boss to organize it. Those actions will pay dividends in the years to come.

Whenever I had a sales appointment, particularly a fair distance away from my home, I always turned up an hour before. I made sure I had clearly identified where the appointment was to be held. I would then either drive off to a local coffee shop to prepare myself for the meeting, or if I was already prepared, I would pull my car up under a tree, turn on my alarm on my phone and have a power nap – waking up 15 minutes before the meeting was to be conducted – refreshed and reinvigorated.

In addition, I always made certain that the tools required for making the sale were all in place and professionally prepared.

For when preparation meets with opportunity, there is always a success.

2. Be Pro-Active

Don’t wait to be asked. You be the one who does the asking and add passion to the mixture.

I would rather employ someone who has a passion for their industry than one who had all the skills and lacks passion.

I never employ someone who is desperate for making money or speaks of their main reason for being employed as a way to pay their mortgage. Their focus is not on my custom cable manufacturer business. It is simply on them and them alone.

If you focus on helping the business owner build a successful business, rather than focusing only on what you will get out of the deal, you will always win.

Be entrepreneurial even as an employee and take ownership of the business you work in. That way, the promotion won’t be far away, and even joint venture opportunities could come your way.

3. Be Positive

Negativity is unacceptable. And particularly don’t share it with your colleagues. If you have something that concerns you, always confess it up to your superiors so that they can attend to it. But while you bring your concerns, also come equipped with a solution in mind. That shows initiative.

Speak positive words. Think positive thoughts. Look for the good in others. Find people when they are doing good things and tell them.

Read positive books. Attend positive seminars.

I attended a high-profile seminar not so long ago where one of the world’s best known motivational and personal development speakers was speaking. To my utter surprise, throughout his whole presentation, he used the F-word.

He set a precedent, and just about all the other speakers followed suit. I couldn’t believe my ears and was appalled. I don’t know whether they thought because they talked to an Australian audience that it was acceptable. But they were wrong.

His performance, in particular, as a leader in the industry, was totally unacceptable and highly unprofessional.

4. Be Profitable

Always seek to position yourself so that more than just you will profit. Help others to perform at a higher level. Help others to reach their fullest potential. Provide an opportunity for others. Be a giver.

If you make these a natural part of your daily routine, then you will be on the receiving end of great things in the days that lie ahead.

So, what are you doing in your life to make a positive impression?