One of the hardest things to do in life is finding a purpose. What are you meant to do during your lifetime? While it’s nearly impossible to determine an exact answer, there are ways to work towards it. So, here are four ways to find your purpose in life.

1. Spend Time With Your Thoughts

Spending time alone isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, especially for those with anxiety or OCD, it can result in damaging thought processes. However, spending some healthy time with your thoughts can be highly enlightening. First, create some structure. You don’t want to venture into stress-inducing territory. If you feel yourself getting wrapped up in unhealthy thoughts, take a break and do something else. Next, find ways to relax. This can allow you to better connect with your inner emotions. Locate a space that relieves stress. 

In addition, you could play some soothing music and use aromatherapy. If you have anxiety, you may want to try using a CBD flower. Once you’re relaxed, consider what your true values are. Who do you admire? What are your goals? Be completely honest with yourself. Afterward, consider the conclusions that you came to. You may find that your subconscious values don’t match what you truly believe. This thought exercise can also show you what to strive for. You might not have realized how much you care about, for example, having children or traveling.

2. Pursue Your Career Interests

One of the most vital things to do during this process is to pursue a career. Specifically, pursue success in a career that interests you. This can be extremely difficult, especially if your dream job isn’t particularly stable or viable. However, you may find purpose by doing what you love on a daily basis. If you’re unsure about what your interests are, consider what you most enjoy doing. Don’t dismiss activities like reading, writing, playing video games, watching television or biking. There are multiple career options related to each of these pastimes. You can also consider what you feel most confident doing. This could be anything from dance to designing toys. No matter how eccentric these career paths may be, exploring even one could give you more meaning in life.

3. Find Causes to Support

Finding a purpose in life doesn’t only refer to your personal happiness. It can also involve giving back to others. After all, helping people is often highly fulfilling. In order to give back, you’ll need to find a cause (or several) to support. Some extremely relevant issues to consider are global warming, homelessness, world hunger, discrimination and poverty. You could also find a more personal cause to investigate. Consider what greatly affects your life, either positively or negatively. 

Once you’ve pinpointed some issues, you’ll want to do your research. Look for nearby organizations that address these issues. If you can’t find any, you could always join an online group. Afterward, give these places your time and energy. If you can, you may also want to donate money. After a while, consider how this service makes you feel. You may find yourself feeling more content and sure of your self worth. 

4. Talk to Others

Engaging with other people, specifically individuals that differ from you, can be vital for finding purpose in life. It allows you to get a wider view of the world, which may better your understanding of life. Unfortunately, socializing isn’t easy for everyone. Most introverts would rather do anything else than talk to people. Despite this, at least attempting to reach out is often worth the effort. There are many ways to go about this. 

One way that involves some extra fun is taking a vacation. Go somewhere completely different from your home, preferably in another country. During the trip, find social settings that allow for conversation. Another method to try is joining an organization online. This can allow you to find like-minded yet unique people from around the world. If you do use this method, be sure to practice online safety. Don’t use a site that looks worrisome, especially if the URL isn’t secure.

No matter what you do during this journey, always stay true to yourself.