child playing outside

Spending time outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s especially important for children to get outside as much as possible. And as a parent, you’ve probably noticed the positive impact fresh air and exercise have on your children. However, there can be times when getting your kids outside can be a struggle. Since this can hit close to home for families everywhere, why not put some tricks up your sleeve to make sure your kids get outside each day? Here are four to try out. 

1. Explore Homesteading

While every family’s situation is unique, a great way to get kids outside more is to give them things to do. But in this case, this doesn’t mean riding bikes or playing games with friends; it means things like mucking stalls, feeding animals, harvesting vegetables or collecting fresh eggs. What’s great about homesteading is that what you choose to do can be tailored to your lifestyle. You don’t need a ton of acreage to start, which makes it very attainable. It’s also the perfect way to teach responsibility and help your children build a strong work ethic.

So what’s the best part? Spending all this extra time outside is a great way to stay healthy, thanks to fresh air, sunshine and movement. And if you’ve struggled to make sure your kids get outside in the wintertime, having outdoor responsibilities could be a great way to keep them involved. Supplementing with vitamin D for kids will ensure immune systems stay strong. Giving your kids vitamin D is important, especially when there’s less sunlight each day. 

2. Schedule Outdoor Time 

Have you ever glanced at the clock, only to realize the day’s more than half over and your kids have yet to venture outside? This realization is where scheduling outdoor time comes in. One of the roadblocks parents and kids alike tend to run into when it comes to spending more time outside is that it gets overcomplicated. It doesn’t have to be that way. Try setting aside a block of time each day for things like family walks or a game of catch or tag. It’s also important to leave room for creativity. Some of the best play and development stems from imagination, wonder and even taking some risks

3. Be the Change 

When it comes to spending time outside, where do you stand? Do you make a point to get out there each day? If not, now’s a good time to change that. If your child is used to seeing you lay on the couch while scrolling through your phone or watching tv, the chances of them following suit are high. However, if you get outside and model healthier behavior — think throwing the ball for the family dog, pulling weeds in the garden, going on daily walks or jogs, working on home projects or even washing the car, your child will most likely emulate you. 

4. Make It Adventurous

Some of the most memorable and enjoyable times children have stem from the simplest of things. What if you started a routine of choosing a destination, such as a local park or a kid-friendly hiking spot, and made an occasion out of it? Packing a picnic lunch will instantly extend everyone’s time outside, encouraging kids to play, run and explore. 

These activities are also perfect situations to extend the invite to others, especially those with children. As a parent, it’s a joy to sit back and not only watch the kids play but to truly enjoy their time in nature as well. Try letting them lead the way, making frequent stops to check out interesting rocks, trees, mushrooms and creepy crawlies.


Getting your children to spend more time outdoors might seem like an undertaking at first, especially if you’re dealing with screen time struggles or uncertainty of where to go or what to do, but it will get easier eventually. By keeping it simple, modeling good behaviors and making it fun, your kids will be spending more time outside than ever before. And everyone will be happier and healthier for it.