Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of stress, headaches and obstacles. Living a healthy life is crucial to the success of your business. Although you don’t have set hours like a normal 9-5 employee does, it’s important to set your own schedule and build in breaks in order to keep yourself sane. Here are 4 ways to master your work-life balance as an entrepreneur.

1. Set Boundaries

Whether this means to put down your phone after 5pm or wait until after your lunch break to answer emails, you need to set boundaries. You’re not going to lose that client if you wait a few hours to get back to them. If you make yourself available and on-the-clock 24 hours a day, you are bound to burnout.

2. Find a Hobby

If your only hobby is working on your business, this can be dangerous. No matter how passionate you are about working on your business it’s important to work on other non-business related activities. Whether it’s playing tennis or watching old movies, find something to do that’s an outlet when wanting to get away from work.

3. Be Social

Its tempting to skip that social night or family gathering because you are backed up on work. Life is too short to completely rid of your social life.  Maintaining social while still spending time on your business is a must!

4.   Treat Yourself

Had a good week of sales? Make sure to reward yourself every once in a while for your hard work. Being an entrepreneur, you are your own boss so you don’t have anyone to pat you on the shoulder after an accomplishment!