In our new “lockdown world” of online and remote conferencing, one might think that the telephone is dead or that face-to-face meetings in real life are no longer needed. Nothing could be farther from the truth! 

The reality is that because we’re all more (or completely) remote in our daily businesses, now more than ever do we need constant encouragement and motivation as our workers feel the pull of operating without a close team in the same room or building. 

For a company like Exclusive Calls, the life of a call center depends upon the motivation of its employees. They recruit, train, manage, and monitor appointment setters to work exclusively for outside businesses. Their commitment to sales and sales prospects is paramount to their success, and their hiring process is extensive, specific, and competitive. 

Staying positive and competitive can be difficult in a world where COVID-19 could mean scaling everything back–so we have to encourage, motivate, and manage a bit more delicately and honestly.  

  1. Subscribing to proper supportive vendors to create a sensible work-from-home environment

It is imperative that the right vendors are able to provide for as much work-from-home and remote-working venues as possible. Along with the support of the management, support from the vendors is crucial to provide safety, security, and a healthy wellness environment for every worker. Honesty about working conditions (from the top-down) and remote productivity is also of the utmost importance–employees need to feel as if they’re being supported in every way–because they should be! 

  1. Having a tracking system for work completion that helps with organization

Workers need as much freedom as possible, and a sufficient tracking system allows for better organization, which frees up the employee to complete tasks without unnecessary heavy oversight. This also allows for the liberty of the employee to complete tasks at will and track their progress and success.

  1. Just enough meetings

There is an old saying that goes “never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink.” Meetings can be like too much talking–some things you can put in an email or an announcement, and some things call for an all-in conversation. And sometimes meetings are necessary for that face-to-face time to really discuss an issue or topic. Meetings should be routine, few, and efficient, and allow enough time for everyone to be heard and seen. 

  1. Genuine understanding and support from the top-down

Concerning COVID-19 and the lockdown, we really are “all in this together,” whether we’re in the same boat, storm, or ocean. Open, honest support from the top down is what every employee needs every step of the way, including daily affirmations and when to admit that things are in flux and sometimes we don’t know how we’re going to create the next workable reality or solution. 

For call centers, offices, and businesses of any size, these principles will be part of what gets us through the lockdown and onto new beginnings and realities. A company like Exclusive Calls hires competitive personalities and puts them into situations geared toward high risk and reward, all with constant motivation and coaching, being sure to go above and beyond especially in this current environment. They hire slowly and manage tightly from organization and tracking systems to comprehensive learning environments and top-down support. 

Utilizing these tips will help you continue to motivate your team and grow your business. Don’t forget your team is on the frontline of your business and ensuring their happiness and motivation will be the key to your success! If your business is looking for sales help we encourage you to reach out to Exclusive Calls and chat with one of their experts about their extensive teams of trained, managed and motivated employees.